Beginners Guide Mobile SEO

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile SEO

It’s pretty clear that every year mobile devices become more and more critical to people’s lives. But, many websites still aren’t optimized for mobile, and businesses are wasting marketing efforts and losing sales by not focusing on their mobile users.  This comprehensive guide covers the basics of what mobile SEO is, and how to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Read more

Prices SEO

The Best Way to Discuss Your SEO Prices with a New Client #Infographic

We’ve all been there. We sitting across the table from a prospective client, talking for an hour or so about SEO strategy, past clients, past experiences, and future expected results. Then the question is asked. The question you’ve been waiting for. The clients ask about pricing. Of course, you go easy on them. After all it’s a very delicate subject. You know other SEO companies have given them a monthly price, and some have definitely lowballed them. You don’t want to scare them away with your higher prices, and you also don’t want to underbid yourself, and look like an amateur. So, you do what most SEO professionals do. You make the biggest SEO pricing blunder; you give them a price! Never offer or give SEO pricing, without getting a budget first. Read more

Help your clients understand SEO audits

How to Help Clients Understand SEO Audits

For many marketers, search engine optimization is a key strategy to helping clients meet their online goals, but it can be a huge challenge to present SEO data and recommendations to clients in a way that is understandable and actionable. Read more

Poaching Employees

8 Ways to Stop Big Agencies from Poaching Your Employees

Before being acquired, one of the biggest challenges I faced while running my boutique digital marketing agency was watching my employees get poached by bigger agencies who offered more money and more benefits. Being a boutique, I hired a lot of entry and junior level people. I prided myself on being able to spot potential and great personalities when I couldn’t afford a senior level person. However, entry and junior level people with lots of potential and great personalities eventually want and deserve more money and better benefits. So, over the years I learned eight simple ways to keep my employees super happy, and how to use my agency’s size to my advantage. If one of my rockstars was thinking about leaving, they’d be giving up a lot more than money and “better” benefits. Read more

start seo business

How to Run a Successful SEO Company – Podcast!

In this podcast I share everything. All of my secrets, all of my advice, and all of my experiences from owning an SEO agency in Chicago for the past 11 years. This podcast includes everything from how I actually started my SEO business to  how I got acquired. It should be an eye-opening experience for anyone running an SEO business, or thinking of starting an SEO business. So, don’t waste time and don’t waste money making the same mistakes I made years ago.  Just sit back, relax and listen. You’re going to love it! Read more

Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update – Everything You Need to Know

Google announced they are rolling out a mobile-friendly algorithm update that will improve search results on mobile devices. Whether you perform SEO for clients or for your own website, you should find this article extremely useful. In fact, you should probably bookmark it because I will be updating it as new information is released. Read more

Quote Rand Fishkin

The Big Question You ALWAYS Ask Before Creating Content

I just listened to an awesome podcast by Daniel Faggella, of TechEmergence, where he interviewed Rand Fishkin, The Wizard of Moz. As always, Rand had a lot of great things to say, but one particular thing stood out to me more than anything else. He was so adamant about this point. In fact, he repeated it over and over. He strongly urged that every single digital marketer ask this one question before creating any piece of content. Read more

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