Top SEO Blogs

Top 40 SEO Blogs to Read in 2014

These are the top 40 SEO blogs you should read in 2014. I spent over 10 hours researching, reading, and interviewing people in the SEO industry to narrow down the best SEO blogs. I was actually a little surprised to see that quality SEO blogs are very rare. Much of what I came across was pure crap that contained overly optimized articles that were written for the quantity of content, rather than the quality. Read more

Why Every Digital Marketing Agency Should Practice “R.G.B.”

In our office “R.G.B.” stands for Relationship, Goals, udget. I created and started using that acronym a few years ago to help our digital marketing team remember how important relationships, goals, and budgets are when trying to achieve success in an agency. The acronym made it easier for everyone to remember; after all, many people on our team have come from a creative background and are familiar with the RGB color model. In a sense, I hijacked RGB and applied a different meaning to the acronym. Read more

Website Audit Tool

MySiteAuditor Launches!

A long awaited update to SEOGROUP is finally here. We’ve rebranded and completely updated our white-label website audit tool. The tool is now called MySiteAuditor. MySiteAuditor is a lead generating website audit tool for SEO firms to easily embed on their website. Any business or website owner looking for SEO, web design, online PR, or any other digital marketing service will love the ability to instantly SEO audit their website and competitor websites. But, they can only do so if they enter their name, number, and email address. Read more

Shit SEO People Say

The Sh#t SEO People Say…

The below video is a tribute to the shit SEO people say all over the world. We love our clients and we love our jobs, but we end up saying the same shit over and over. To us, it’s funny and at times it can be frustrating. So to take the edge off a bit we created this two minute video dedicated to The Shit SEO People Say on a daily basis. Read more

Free Small Business WP Theme

Free WordPress Theme – Happy Small Business Saturday!

Happy Small Business Saturday! In light of this special occasion we’re giving away one of our favorite website WordPress themes. This theme is totally free and one of my favorite themes for small businesses. It’s clean and simple, which I love and I’m sure your visitors will love too. Read more

Free Web Design Tools

8 Amazingly Free Web Design Tools!

Why buy expensive web design software when you don’t have to? In this post I’m going to show your how to design, develop, and manage a new website project using nothing but free tools. Don’t you love the internet? These tools are totally free, totally legit, and totally amazing. Read more

SEO Certification

9 SEO Certifications that Will Boost Your Salary

Many SEO certification options exist to learn more about the skill and to become certified to perform SEO. Although most SEOs are self-taught, a few of these certifications may look good on your resume. In addition, mentioning any of these certifications may give your sales prospects the extra nudge they need when deciding whether or not to use your SEO services. Check out a few of the SEO certifications I’ve listed below. Read more

Link Building Using Fiverr

5 Fun Ways to Build Links on

These are five really cool ways you can build links to any website using If you haven’t heard of fiverr, I’m not entirely sure you should be in the digital marketing business, but I’ll explain it anyway. is a website where you can find an assortment or services for $5. From advertisements to graphics, and from tweets to videos, you can get the coolest, most useful, and sometimes just zany things done. That includes building links. Read more

google hummingbird update

Google’s Hummingbird Update: 7 Simple Facts You Should Know

This is a simple explanation of Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update, and why they released it. Yes it’s a huge update, but not a complicated one to understand. The good news is that it benefits everyone. The bad news is that any kind of change requires time spent educating yourself. However, after learning exactly what Hummingbird does and why it does it, I am more relieved than worried about any negative side-effects. Read more

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