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How to Run a Successful SEO Company – Podcast!

Marvin Russell

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Marvin Russell

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In this podcast I share everything. All of my secrets, all of my advice, and all of my experiences from owning an SEO agency in Chicago for the past 11 years. This podcast includes everything from how I actually started my SEO business to  how I got acquired. It should be an eye-opening experience for anyone running an SEO business, or thinking of starting an SEO business. So, don’t waste time and don’t waste money making the same mistakes I made years ago.  Just sit back, relax and listen. You’re going to love it!

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Some of the topics I discuss:

  • How to start your SEO company
  • Sales
  • Contracts
  • Employees
  • Company Culture
  • SEO Services (Links, content, technical SEO)
  • Business (Cash Flow, Overhead, Contractors, etc)
  • SEO Pricing
  • Staying Lean
  • Getting Acquired
  • Much more…

In the comments below, please don’t hesitate tell what subjects you want me to discuss in future episodes of How to Run a Successful SEO Company.

Read: How to Start and SEO Business