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What I’m about to tell you is a true story. Years ago, a potential SEO client flew from Washington DC to Chicago so I could pitch him and his team our SEO services. Think about that for a minute. They flew all that way and spent all that money just to see my team. The sale was practically closed before they showed up, right? Well, half way through my SEO sales presentation I looked over at the client, and what I saw was horrifying. He was sitting in his chair, mouth wide open, and his head was leaned all the way back as if it was partially detached from his body.

I literally thought I bored him to death. Thankfully, the truth was that I actually bored him to sleep.

I instantly knew what I was doing wrong. I was so far in the weeds with technical SEO that my potential client lost interest, enthusiasm…and consciousness.

Somehow I still managed to save the sale, but the lesson was learned. I needed to seriously revisit my SEO presentation skills.

So I did. Here’s what I came up with.

How to Give the Best SEO Sales Pitch Presentation for New Clients:

  1. Ask for a face-to-face meeting at your office. 
    Face-to-face sales meetings have a much hire closing rate than over the phone. “People buy from people”, and the more they get to know you the more likely they will buy from you. In my 10+ years running an SEO agency face-to-face sales meetings, at our office, had the highest closing rates by far, followed by face-to-face meetings at the client’s office.
  2. Have an agenda with no more than 4-9 items.
    An agenda will keep everyone on the same page, while giving your potential SEO clients an understand of what to expect during the meetings. It’s also symbol to the client that your organized and professional. Here’s a free sample SEO sales presentation agenda. (Download this free agenda:
  3. Bring visuals on a PowerPoint presentation.
    Clicking around the internet is far too risky. What if a ranking you were bragging about changed? What if you can’t find something? What if the internet is down? Use a PowerPoint style presentation to control the agenda, information, visuals, and flow of the meeting. (see below)
  4. Show your methodology.
    So many of your competitors are amateurs who do not have methodologies. Mine was “Discovery, Strategy, Execution, and Analysis”. A clear, simple and agile methodology is a sign of organization, professionalism, and quality work.
  5. Sell more than SEO.
    I sold more deals than I can remember simply because I sold more than “SEO”. I sold conversion rate optimization (CRO), content strategy, and analytics analysis. While doing this I heard numerous clients say something like, “Wow, none of the other SEO companies talked about this.”
  6. Introduce your team.
    Your clients really want to know who they will be working with. Introduce them to account managers and coordinators. Introduce them to the whole team. Tell them, “these are the people you will be working with.” Remember people buy from people.
  7. Show examples of previous work.
    Clients want to see what you’ve done, and they might want to hear from previous or current customers. Show visuals of past work on your presentation, and have happy customers ready and expecting a call.
  8. Don’t get too technical.
    Don’t bore your clients to sleep like I did. Give an overview of technical SEO but don’t get too detailed, unless they specifically ask. The majority of clients don’t understand, nor do they care about the technical side of SEO.
  9. Don’t speak bad about competitors.
    This is sales 101. Never talk bad about the competition or the work that has already been done. Clients get subconsciously defensive, and who knows; the horrible work your shitting all over in your sales pitch could have been done by someone sitting in the room.
  10. Provide a discount and a start time for closing today.
    Today. Today. Today. Tell your clients you have a slot available for a new client, but you have to get started today so they can hold that time-slot. Even offer them a small discount if they start today. Plus your potential sale is hot and ready to go right now. Hopefully they are sitting in your office. If they leave before closing a deal. Offer them the discount if they say yes, or by morning.

Free Download: SEO Sales Pitch Presentation:

Feel free to copy and make adjustments to this presentation.

Free SEO Sales Presentation from MySiteAuditor

And that’s my take on how a SEO sales presentation should go. I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What would you change? What do you agree with and disagree with?

Thanks for your time!