how to do keyword research

Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide – 10 Free Tools Included

I’ve got great news. If you read and follow this guide, I’ll show you how to do professional keyword research for little or no money.  I’ll walk you through my personal, step-by-step, proprietary keyword research process, and I’ll even list and link to the absolute best free keyword research tools in the world. Read more

We Overhauled our Audit Engine – Website Audits are Lightning Fast!

Since 2013, MySiteAuditor has been on a mission to help small digital marketing, web design and SEO agencies grow and become more successful by providing them with affordable sales and lead generation tools. Behind each of our tools is our proprietary “audit engine” — the system that takes a landing page and URL, performs a holistic “scan” of that landing page and website, integrates its findings with various other data sources, and generates a point-by-point audit (and audit score). Read more

Facebook Thumbnail sizes

How to Make Facebook Show Your CORRECT Post or Page Thumbnail

You’ve just launched the perfect post on your blog, so you share it on Facebook for the world to see. However, Facebook is displaying the wrong thumbnail, and it looks horrible! Why does this happen and how do you fix it? You’re not alone, this actually happens to a lot of people. Luckily, Facebook launched Open Graph in 2010, which helps websites and apps better connect and display their content on Facebook. Throughout this post, I’m going to show you how to use the Open Graph protocol to properly display the correct thumbnail, when someone shares your post or page on Facebook. Read more

Home Page Web Design Mistakes

10 Horrible Home Page Mistakes

Let’s say you’re in the market to buy a brand new car. So, on Saturday morning you decide to head down to local dealership to start test driving a few new models.  As you walk onto the dealership’s lot you’re instantly greeted by an overly zealous salesman who shows you the newest and hottest vehicle on the lot. It’s brand new and it has zero miles, so you decide to give that bad boy a test drive. So, you jump in the front seat, but then you freeze for a moment with a perplexed look on your face because you can’t find the steering wheel. You start to look around the cabin of the car, and to your amazement, the steering wheel is in the back seat. WTF? The salesman explains that this is a new and cool way of driving, and that it’s kind of like piloting a biplane from the backseat. Again, you’re like, “WTF man? Get me out of here and show me a normal car.” Read more

Website Design Kickoff meeting agenda template

Free Download: The Website Design Kickoff Meeting Agenda

One of my biggest pet peeves, when I was CEO of The Ocean Agency, was not bringing an agenda to web design kickoff meetings. Agendas are really just simple checklists that are ridiculously easy to create and imperative to have in order to run an efficient meeting. Once you create an agenda, they’re very easy to maintain. You may need to occasionally tweak the agenda every once in a while, but nothing much more than that. Read more

How to get website traffic

10 Ways Top Agencies Drive Traffic to Their Website

At some point in time, everyone is new to digital marketing, even digital marketers. Plus every industry is different. Getting traffic to a client’s website can be very different than getting traffic to your agency’s website. In this post, I’m going to show you how to get a boatload of traffic to your agency’s website; and if your agency uses MySiteAuditor, more traffic means more leads from your free SEO audit tool. Read more

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