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16 Funny SEO Jokes…lol

Marvin Russell
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These are 16 of the funniest SEO jokes I could think of. Yes, they are all original. But some of them are so lame and so obvious that they may have been told before. If you have any more SEO jokes PLEASE post them in the comments below. I hope this lightens up everyone’s day and encourages everyone not to take work so seriously. Happy #FunnyFriday!

#1 – Why did Tiger Woods start studying SEO?

To get his #1 ranking back


#2 – Why did the girl stop dating the SEO Nerd?

He loaded too fast



#3 – Why did the SEO expert cross the road?

To get hit with traffic.



#4 – How did the SEO find her way back through the woods?

Bread crumbs


#5 – What room was Matt Cutts trying to find when he got lost at the SEO Conference?

Room 404

#6 – What do you call the # of times an SEO expert can jump on a trampoline?

Bounce Rate

#7 – What is a black hat SEO’s favorite food?


#8 – Why did the SEO expert get kicked out of the grocery store?

Cutting in line to be the 1st position

#9 – What does SEO and a photo framing shop have in common?

“Matte” Cutts

#10 – Why was the SEO expert so furious on his way to work?

Too much traffic! …go figure?

#11 – What do you call a web designer with a really good sex change?

Conversion Optimization Specialist

#12 – What do you call a web designer on halloween??


#13 – What do you call a man who invents “PageRank”?

Larry Page…go figure? (True Story)

#14 – What do you call an SEO expert who sells vans?

Danny “SellAVan”


#15 – What do you call an SEO expert who praises Google?

“Kneel” Patel

#16 – What do you call an SEO expert who molds his team into shape?

Bruce Clay

#17 – What do you call a search engine with a bad marketing department?

A Decision Engine (Remember that)

Please share your SEO jokes in the comments below 🙂