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I’ve sold millions of dollars in SEO services over the last 10 years using this SEO contract. Of course it’s been revised a dozen times and tweaked from year-to-year, but as of today it’s the best SEO contract I have ever used. But I’m not the only one who thinks so, I get compliments from our clients about it daily. They love how simple and easy it is to understand, and from my experience, the easier it is for our clients to understand, the more comfortable they will be signing it. That’s why I’ve tweaked it to a simple perfection.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I give this away? Business owners are so afraid of giving away their secrets. Well, SEO isn’t a commodity. It takes more than a contract to sell it. It takes passion, experience, and the right people. Of course, I can’t give you passion, experience, or people. You have to come up with those things on your own. What I can give you is a tool to help communicate your SEO services, because that is part of the battle.


SEO Contract PDF

10 Reasons I use this SEO Contract:

First of all, I’ve used this contract for years, and in that time I have tweaked it to perfection. In addition, clients love it because they can understand it. We have literally sold millions of dollars in SEO using this contract.

  1. I’ve sold millions in SEO using this contract
  2. Clients love it because they can understand it
  3. It can be used over and over (download includes PDF and .doc SEO contract template)
  4. Your logo, colors, and contact info can be easily added
  5. It’s easy for your client to follow when you are not around
  6. It includes a credit card form that can be easily returned
  7. Once signed, it can be used as a step-by-step guide by your SEO team
  8. It shows your prospective client a 4-step SEO process
  9. It breaks down all fees
  10. The Terms of Agreement is short and simple

Table of Contents

This SEO contract is 9 perfectly formatted pages. The download includes a SEO contract PDF and word document.

Below are the table of contents:

  1. Thank You
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Site Review
  4. Site Strategy
  5. Site Optimization
  6. Mo/ Site Optimization
  7. Terms of Agreement
  8. Credit Card Form

In addition to the above table of contents; pricing, assumptions, tasks, and deliverables are included as well.


1. Add your branding. I’ve made it super easy to replace the sample logo with your logo. I also highlighted all the generic text you should replace in yellow.

2. Tweak it. Many SEO companies are going to download this. So tweak and customize it a bit so it becomes your own.

How to Download for Free:

The contract is 100% free and takes 20 seconds to download. All I ask is that you sign up for a free 10 day trial on MySiteAuditor. No credit card is required. No contracts. It’s 100% free.

  1. Sign up for a Free 10 day trial at (no credit card required, cancel anytime)
  2. Check your Welcome Email for a link to free resources
  3. Click and Download the Free SEO contract


That’s it. Your SEO contract will be in your email. The download includes a PDF template and Word Document.


Entering your name, email and password is a small request to ask in return for this awesome SEO contract. It’s really a big win for both of us. I get to show you MySiteAuditorand you get a free SEO contract. Good luck my friends!