Hick's LAw

How Hick’s Law Helped MySiteAuditor Increase Conversions by 25%

This is the story of how we successfully applied “Hick’s Law” to MySiteAuditor and increased conversions by more than 25%. The reason I’m so excited to share this case study with you is it had such huge impact on our site, and it can be applied to almost any type of conversion form, whether it’s a simple free trial form, contact form, or free website analysis tool. So, use this case study to think about how you can apply Hick’s Law to your website or digital marketing strategy. Read more

Link Earning Infographic

Link Earning vs. Link Building Infographic

Understanding the difference between “link earning and link building” is critical for SEO companies and for those thinking of hiring an SEO company. We need to be smarter in our approach and more ethical with our tactics. “Link earning” is the perfect opportunity to do so. Every SEO company in the world should stop “link building” and start “link earning”. Read more

Website Navigation Menu Tips and Mistakes

17 Major Main Menu Mistakes

Did you know that your main menu is a part of your marketing? It’s true. What your menu says gives your visitors a small indication of what your website is about and whether or not they are in the right place. Main menu mistakes can lead to high bounce rate, low length of time on site, and low rankings in search engines. Worst of all, main menu mistakes directly impact the amount of leads and sales from your website. Read more

Website Audit Tool

MySiteAuditor Launches!

A long awaited update to SEOGROUP is finally here. We’ve rebranded and completely updated our white-label website audit tool. The tool is now called MySiteAuditor. MySiteAuditor is a lead generating website audit tool for SEO firms to easily embed on their website. Any business or website owner looking for SEO, web design, online PR, or any other digital marketing service will love the ability to instantly SEO audit their website and competitor websites. But, they can only do so if they enter their name, number, and email address. Read more

Free Web Design Tools

8 Amazingly Free Web Design Tools!

Why buy expensive web design software when you don’t have to? In this post I’m going to show your how to design, develop, and manage a new website project using nothing but free tools. Don’t you love the internet? These tools are totally free, totally legit, and totally amazing. Read more

google hummingbird update

Google’s Hummingbird Update: 7 Simple Facts You Should Know

This is a simple explanation of Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update, and why they released it. Yes it’s a huge update, but not a complicated one to understand. The good news is that it benefits everyone. The bad news is that any kind of change requires time spent educating yourself. However, after learning exactly what Hummingbird does and why it does it, I am more relieved than worried about any negative side-effects. Read more

SMX East 2013

Headed to SMX East 2013 – Stop by Booth 313!

We’re hitting the open road for 12 hours this Sunday to attend SMX East 2013. We made the decision to go earlier this week after determining that is was just too big of an opportunity for us to miss. At SMX we’ll be officially debuting our SEO audit tool. We’re so pumped to show the industry how we can help them increase SEO leads by embedding our SEO audit tool on their site, and how white-labeling their SEO audits for prospective clients can really boost sales. Tell us below if you’re attending, then stop by our booth to meet me and learn more about the tool. Read more

Social proof

9 Brilliant Examples of Websites Using Social Proof to Increase Conversions

This post provides nine visual and brilliant examples of how digital marketers use “social proof” on some of our favorite websites to increase followers, purchases, sign ups, email subscriptions and conversions. If utilized the correct way, this marketing tactic can be a very effective digital marketing strategy. When you’re done reading this post please share any brilliant ways you’ve seen digital marketers use social proof to influence users. Read more

How to Disavow Broken Links

How to Disavow Spammy Links

The dictionary defines “disavow” as to deny any responsibility or support for. So, when you tell Google to disavow a link, essentially you’re telling them that you deny any responsibility for certain spammy websites or specific web pages linking to you, and therefore, do not penalize your website. In this post I will show you how to disavow any spammy websites or specific web pages in 3 easy steps. Read more

how to make blog post more visual

8 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More Visual

There’s nothing worse than seeing a long blog post with paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Who wants to read that? Most readers aren’t readers, they’re skimmers, looking for bits and pieces of information. Don’t make skimmers read through long boring paragraphs just to find one tiny piece of information. A skimmer will take one look at your long blog post that’s full of paragraphs, shake their head, and bounce; hence the term “bounce rate”. That being said, here are 8 ways you can make your blog posts more visual. Read more

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