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MySiteAuditor welcomes guest blog posts from digital marketing, SEO, web design, and online PR experts looking to contribute insight and resources to our community of readers.

Our target audience:

  • SEO companies
  • Digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and consultants
  • Web design firms
  • Online PR firms

10 Guest Posting Rules:

  1. Don’t link to your company website. (except in your author bio)
  2. Must speak to our target audience. (see above)
  3. Include a professional featured image. (735 by 430 pixels, and 144 resolution)
  4. Include supporting images. (screenshots, quotes, graphs)
  5. Posts must be 100% unique. (photos and images)
  6. Posts must be well researched, supported by factual citations
  7. Must use bullets, bold words, and use subtitles.
  8. Must be at least 1,000 words. Long posts will get priority. (2,000+ recommended)
  9. Each post must be Submitted For Review before going live.
  10. List post rules:

To submit a guest post, first email us:

  1. Links to 3 LIVE blog posts or content that you authored
  2. 3+ topic ideas or titles
  3. Your name, email (Gravatar 250x250px profile image)), headshot, 1-2 sentence bio

Email items 1-3 to [email protected]