Are You a REAL SEO Pro? – Take the Quiz!

  • December 15th 2014
  • by Marvin Russell
Are You a REAL SEO Pro? – Take the Quiz!

Test your SEO skills right now with this pop SEO quiz. Find out if you’re a real SEO pro, or just some wanna be SEO hack. It’s 20 questions that only real SEO professionals will know. So, if your a real SEO pro, you have nothing to worry about. Step up to the plate, take the quiz, and test your SEO skills. Take the quiz as many times as you want. You have 3 minutes.

Are You a Real SEO Pro?

This SEO quiz has 20 multiple choice questions that you must answer in 3 minutes or less.

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  • Jon

    Some of these are debatable, but #2 and #20 seem to be flat out wrong.

    • Hi Jon,

      Some would argue that everything in SEO is debateable. Anyway, thanks for taking the quiz.

      • I agree with Jon on this one. #20… using a robots file will make it so it doesn’t appear in SERPs, however Google can still read it. If you mean block as in not appearing then yes the answer is you can block it. I think you should have worded that a little differently. And #18… are you referring to the meta description? If so, it has no influence on rankings, I can point you to several sources. It does however influence your CTR. And by more clicks it could be deemed as more relevant which could lead to it being ranked higher. However, just having a better meta description alone won’t make it rank higher. Again I think the wording is a little tricky lol. Great quiz though :)

        • Hi Brian,

          Thanks for the comment. Here is an article that explains “indexing” versus being “listed”, as Google and Matt Cutts describes

          I agree the description tag does not influence rankings, but it does influence click through rate. The correct answer should support that.

          Thanks for taking the quiz :)

          • This is what you have marked as the correct answer. How does a description tag help a landing page? Higher rankings… shouldn’t it be “More clicks in the SERPs”?

          • Brian,

            You are 100% correct. Our mistake. It is now fixed.

          • Awesome, I thought I was going crazy for a second :)

  • Rechard Nevil

    Great!!! Questions but I am confused about one question is According to Rand over at Moz, Link Echoes (a.k.a. Link Ghosts)…

    A. Do not work
    B. Work great!
    C. Don’t really exist


    please tell me what is the answer and why ?

    • They work great! See Rand’s whiteboard Friday.

      • Rechard Nevil

        Thank you for given answer.. but how it is work great? I can’t understand the answer why you given.

  • Soman

    I found few questions are more likely to get details from quiz taker. For instance this questions are not a valid one from SEO Point of view.

    How much of your SEO do you outsource?

    How much you charge for SEO?

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  • leadgendev

    #11 is wrong: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.