Technical seo

SEO is 20% Technical and 80% Content Strategy

First of all, don’t get thrown off by this title. Just because I’m saying SEO is only 20% technical does NOT mean that technical SEO is not important. After all, SEO is a formula or recipe, and when one element or ingredient is removed the results are never as good. So, technical SEO is very important but it should never take more than 20% of your time when optimizing your website, blog post or landing page.

Technical SEO = 20%

In order to minimize your time spent on technical SEO, I highly recommend you find a formula and stick with it. In fact, use a technical SEO checklist that must be signed off on before you launch your site, landing page, or blog post.

Technical SEO Checklist

You can also use a website and web page auditing tool like If you can score an 80% or better on any landing page or blog post consider that page technically optimized for search engines.

Site Audit

By using a checklist or auditing tool you’ll save more time for your awesome content strategy.

Content Strategy = 80%

I still shake my when I hear people say SEO is dying. Nothing could be further from the truth. For SEO to die, Google would have to die. Last time I checked Google was breaking stock prices. SEO is simply evolving, and content strategy is the future of SEO.

Google’s Mission:
Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Now, let’s say Google fails to provide useful information in the future. What happens? Bing happens, or a new and better search engine happens. As the internet grows, so does the need to find useful information on the internet.

What’s “useful information”?

Providing useful information means developing an awesome content strategy. Google and other search engines know that the majority of people creating awesome content aren’t technical SEO experts, so why would Google penalize awesome content (useful information) because it’s not technically optimized. That’s why I believe SEO is 20% technical and 80% content strategy.

10 Tips on Creating Awesome Content

1. Brainstorm an entire list of topics to write about over the next few months
2. Use visuals, even if they suck
3. Site statistics and case studies
4. Be consistent and keep the content coming
5. Use featured images
6. Invest in good audio equipment for your videos (Great Audio “How to” video)
7. Wireframe your infographics and Elance the graphic design (spend $100 tops)
8. Use screenshots and arrows (try Awesome Screenshot)
9. Break up your content with lists, visuals, bullets, and quotes
10. Make your content EASILY sharable


Technical SEO is usually as important as content strategy; however, that doesn’t mean you should spend half of your time on technical SEO.  It just means that you should think like a human and focus your content on humans, and not on appeasing Google’s algorithm. In fact, Google’s algorithm is designed to think like a human, and human’s link to and share awesome and useful content.