What is SEO?

How to Clearly Explain SEO to Your Clients in 30 Seconds

Fact: The better you explain SEO, the more likely your prospective clients will sign with you. Humans don’t like overly complicated things. We love everything to be simple. So, the more clear and simple your explanation and views on SEO are, the more comfortable your prospective clients will feel about working with you.

I have literally spent years developing the simplest verbal breakdown of SEO possible. After years of tweaking, the explanation I’m sharing with you today has worked the best. This video is only a minute long, so I highly recommend watching it again and again. It’s only a small portion of your entire SEO pitch, but it’s a critical one that will make your clients feel more comfortable with you than with your competitors.

Notes from the video:

How to breakdown SEO to your clients:

SEO can be broken down into two steps: Optimization and Authority

1. Optimization

Optimization is making sure that Google can understand what keywords you’re targeting, which services and products you sell, and where you sell them.

2. Authority

Authority is making sure that Google knows you have the best content for their users. To grow your website’s authority, you must put out such great and informative content that people naturally share your content and link to your content.

That’s SEO!


That’s how SEO works, in a nutshell of course. Breaking SEO down into two simple steps is important because most of your clients will have no clue about how SEO works when first walking through your doors. You need to earn their trust and confidence by breaking down SEO in such a simple way that they feel fantastic about working with you.