Keep It Simple, Stupid! Content Guidelines for Websites

  • March 16th 2013
  • by Marvin Russell
Keep It Simple, Stupid! Content Guidelines for Websites

You are wasting your time writing content no one will read. As obvious as my advice sounds, people continue to stuff web pages with text. There’s this fear that we might leave something out someone needs. And using big words makes us look intelligent, right? Not so much. You will not impress your visitors with long paragraphs or big words. More often than not you will confuse and deter.

The Facts – Studies show, most visitors aren’t reading all your content

Study #1
In 2008 (yes a little dated but still very relevant and supported by other studies), Jakob Neilsen identified that on the average web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit. The following chart shows the maximum amount of text users could read during an average visit based on this finding.

Jakob Neilsen Data

Lesson learned – Visitors just don’t have time to read all the content on the page.

Study #2
In an eye tracking study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology department, participants spent only 5.59 seconds focusing on the site’s written content before moving on.


Lesson learned – You better get straight to the point because visitors will move onto other stimuli on the page.

Study #3
In 2009, Google performed an eye tracking experiment on a search results page. Although this isn’t exactly the same as viewing a web page, it is indicative of how people scan information on the web.

Notice that the viewers’ eyes do not follow a linear progression from left to right. The user’s eyes jump around the page, scanning content.

Lesson learned – Visitors are looking for elements that draw their eyes and are easy to digest – images, bolded words, lists, etc.

The Strategy – What you should do instead of writing a novel

Hopefully you’re convinced that people are just not reading all your content. So how do you effectively communicate all your information in half the space? Approach this challenge considering the two following elements:

√ What you’re saying
√ How you’re formatting it

What you’re saying
Just cut to the chase! When I get to your site I need you to answer 3 questions:

√ Am I in the right place? – Let the user know in a large heading what the topic of the page is about. Generally this will be your H1 and should consist of just a few words.

Used Dodge Pick Up Trucks For Sale

√ What are the benefits of your offering? – Communicate what you can do for me right away.

We offer used dodge pick-up trucks at each one of our 10 Chicagoland locations. Our trucks include:

√ 20,000-85,000 miles
√ Automatic and Manual Drive
√ 2 and 4 door options
√ CarFax Reports available upon request

√ What are my next steps? – Tell me what I should do next. Should I send an email, call your office, purchase via your website? Make it very clear what you want my next step to be.

Call or Email Dave, your personal sales associate for more information regarding our pick up trucks.

√ Phone:123-456-7890
√ Email: [email protected]

If you need something visual to help you remember the flow of information use this inverted pyramid below.

Content Hierarchy

How You’re Formatting It

Use large headings

Make sure you’re effectively using heading tags to communicate main ideas and organize content.

Below is an example from Rafal Tomal which reveals why headings are important in content. Even when blurred, the content on the left looks more organized because of the large headings. Which would you rather read?

Rafal Tomal Headings

Use large font and increased line height

Nothing is more annoying than getting to a site with tons of content in 9pt font. Who can even read that? Although studies do show that smaller font forces people to read each word in a string of text, it has been shown to decrease comprehension. Because of this, sites have been trending towards larger fonts – 13 and 14pt for body copy.

There is a strategic ratio for font size and line height (the space between two lines of text). Smashing Magazine analyzed typographic design patterns common to modern web design. Here are some of their findings:

√ Heading to body font-size ratio

√ Head font size / Body copy font size = 1.96 (roughly x2)

√ Optimal Line Height for Body Copy

√ Line height (pixels) / body copy font size (pixels) = 1.48 (roughly 1.5x)

√ Space between paragraphs (pixels) / line height (pixels) = .754 (roughly .75x)

Don’t be scared of white space

Site owners are often concerned about the amount of white space on a page. They misinterpret it to mean “We don’t have enough content to fill the space. We’ll look inept.” On the contrary, what space is not just good, it’s great. It actually helps visitors with comprehension. In a study performed by the psychology department of Wichita State University, they compared reading performance with four white space layouts. Variables included:

√ Margins surrounding text

√ Margins surround leading

Witchita State University Margins and Leading Study

Here were the results. Although reading speed increased when margins were smaller, reading comprehension decreased significantly.

Effect of margins on reading speed

Use bullets and lists when applicable

This one seems like a given but it’s definitely not utilized enough. Most types of information can be easily turned into a list. People generally read in an F-shaped pattern on the web, so lists are ideal to quickly and effectively digest information. Another study by Jakob Nielsen (although a little outdated) measured the effect of what they called “Improved Web Writing.” There was a 124% increase in usability when the participants were presented with concise, scannable, and objective language content. Usability factors that improved:

√ Task Time

√ Errors (questions on content)

√ Memory

√ Time to recall site structure

√ Subjective satisfaction



Improved Version:

Improved Versions

Now, wouldn’t you want your visitors to be more subjectively satisfied?

But Wait!

I know what you’re going to say.

“Practice what you preach! This was a long blog article!”

Ahh, you see, blog posts are a whole different beast – as are white papers and other resources that are supposed to supply the reader with a lot of detailed information. But, just because you have more information to share, doesn’t mean that you can’t format it effectively.


So my message is simple – get to the point! Don’t overwhelm your visitors with tons of information they won’t even read.

Do you know of any sites that do this well? Share examples with us and let us know what you think they’re doing right. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • li nasavi

    Allegri mengaku AC Milan beruntung

    Berita terbaru
    dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Bola11 – AC Milan akhirnya sukses
    memetik kemenangan di laga pertama Grup H Liga Champions kendati sempat
    kesulitan menjebol gawang Cetic. Pelatih AC Milan, Massimiliano Allegri pun
    menyebut Rossoneri beruntung.

    Agen Bola Bola11 Terpercaya – Saat melakoni
    laga di San Siro, Kamis (19/9/2013) dinihari WIB, Milan baru bisa menjebol
    gawang Celtic di menit 82. Gol pertama itu hadir berkat gol bunuh diri Emilio
    Izaguirre. Kemudian Sulley Muntari mencetak gol kedua empat menit setelahnya
    untuk memastikan kemenangan 2-0 atas wakil Skotlandia itu.

    “Sangat penting bisa memetik kemenangan dan kami mulai berjuang sejak
    babak kedua di mulai, karena kami belum bisa memastikan kemenangan. Kami
    beruntung dengan gol itu,” ungkap Allegri.

    “Saya tidak akan marah karena selalu mencetak gol menjelang akhir
    pertandingan, karena jika semua pertandingan berakhir seperti ini, maka saya
    akan senang. Yang terjadi sebenarnya adalah menjelang pertandingan selesai,
    lebih banyak ruang terbuka dan kami mencetak peluang lebih banyak,”


  • you navini

    Atletico mengalahkan Zenit 3-1

    Berita terbaru
    dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Bola11 – Atletico Madrid sukses
    meraih kemenangan di laga perdana Liga Champions musim ini. Menyambut Zenit
    St.Petersburg, Los Colchoneros menang dengan skor 3-1. Di laga lain, Porto
    menang 1-0 atas Austria Wien.

    Agen Bola Bola11 Terpercaya – Dalam laga di
    stadion Vicente Calderon, Kamis (19/9/2013) dinihari WIB, Atletico unggul di
    babak pertama lewat gol Joao Miranda. Tim tamu sempat menyamakan kedudukan
    lewat Hulk, namun gol-gol dari Arda Turan dan Leo Baptistao memastikan kemenangan

    Hasil ini membawa Atletico memuncaki klasemen grup G Liga Champions. Di partai
    lain grup tersebut, Porto hanya menang tipis 1-0 atas Austria Wien.


  • chhunmeng kabkab

    Manchester United bisa menang atas Sociedad

    terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari

    Agen bola Indo11 – Pemain
    Manchester United, Ryan Giggs menilai timnya tampil bagus saat menghadapi Real
    Sociedad. Namun, ia mengaku kecewa karena mereka tidak bisa memenangi laga

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Manchester United mampu mengungguli penguasaan bola milik tuan rumah
    dengan 55% berbanding 45%. Mereka juga membuat tujuh tembakan dengan dua di
    antaranya tepat sasaran, sedangkan Sociedad hanya melepas 10 tembakan saja.

    “Malam ini kami mengendalikan permainan, memiliki dua atau tiga peluang
    bagus dan mungkin harusnya bisa memenanginya. Kami senang dengan penampilan
    kami, tapi kecewa karena tidak meraih kemenangan,” nilai Giggs.


  • chhunmeng kabkab

    Marquez mengaku tidak ada persiapan khusus

    terbaru dan terkini bola

    Agen bola Indo11 –
    MotoGP Valencia menjadi penentu siapa yang bakal menjadi juara dunia musim
    2013. Namun Marc Marquez mengaku tidak punya persiapan khusus walaupun lebih diuntungkan
    karena selisih poin dengan Jorge Lorenzo.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Sebanyak 13 poin yang menjadi keunggulan Marquez atas Jorge Lorenzo
    di puncak klasemen MotoGP. Dan siapa yang akan menjadi juara di musim ini, akan
    ditentukan di Valencia, yang menjadi seri penutup musim ini.

    “Balapan akhir pekan ini penting, tapi saya menghadapinya seperti balapan
    lain dan kami akan fokus dengan pekerjaan kami sejak hari pertama,” ujar


  • chhunmeng kabkab

    Moyes bicara soal kartu merah Fellaini

    terbaru dan terkini bola

    Agen bola Indo11 – Manchester
    United harus bermain dengan 10 orang melawan Real Sociedad karena Marouane
    Fellaini terkena kartu merah. Menurut manajer Manchester United, David Moyes,
    kartu merah tersebut tidak pantas. kurang tepat.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Dalam pertandingan itu, United harus tampil minus satu pemain di
    menit-menit akhir karena Fellaini menerima kartu kuning kedua, kartu kuning
    yang pertama diterima di menit ke-31.

    “Ia dikartu merah karena jumlah tekel-tekelnya, tapi saya pikir keputusan
    itu sedikit keras. Saya pikir ada beberapa keputusan aneh malam ini. Para
    penonton banyak mengeluarkan siulan malam ini,” nilai Moyes.


  • Jonh World

    Liverpool mengalahkan Cardiff 3-1

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen BolaIndo11 – Liverpool untuk sementara menggeser Arsenal dari posisi puncak Premier League, usai mengalahkan Cardiff City dengan skor 3-1.

    Luis Suarez kembali tampil sebagai pahlawan usai menyumbangkan dua gol serta satu assist untuk gol Raheem Sterling. Suarez pun mempertahankan posisinya di puncak daftar topskorer dengan 19 gol dari 12 laganya musim ini. Gol hiburan Cardiff diciptakan Jordon Mutch.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Dengan raihan tiga poin ini, The Reds kini memiliki 36 poin dan unggul satu angka dari Arsenal yang baru berlaga dua hari laga melawan Chelsea. Sementara Cardiff di posisi ke-15 dengan 17 poin.

  • Ratih Game

    Persib Lolos dengan Rekor 100 Persen Menang

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday Persib Bandung berhasil memastikan diri lolos ke Delapan Besar turnamen Inter Island Cup (IIC) 2014 dengan rekor 100 persen menang di penyisihan Grup Jawa I, setelah menang 1-0 atas tim sekota Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR).

    Bertanding di Stadion Si Jalak Harupat, kedua tim sempat bermain imbang tanpa gol di interval pertama.

    Gol gelandang Persib Ahmad Jufrianto akhirnya memecah kebuntuan berkat sundulan kepalanya yang meneruskan tendangan bebas Firman Utina di menit 68.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Sementara, PBR harus puas di tempat kedua dengan nilai 4 diikuti Persita Tangerang yang menang satu kali dan Persijap Jepara menempati juru kunci dengan satu poin.

    Sumber :

  • loy man

    Lloris praises ‘decisive player’ Adebayor

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported – Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has hailed in-form striker Emmanuel Adebayor for his all-round contribution to the Spurs team.

    The Togo international has looked rejuvenated under new coach Tim Sherwood after being isolated from first-team duty by Andre Villas-Boas, scoring five times in his last six Premier League outings.

    And Lloris believes the former Manchester City, Arsenal and Real Madrid forward should be credited for his general play, not just his goalscoring exploits.

    “He’s a top player and a decisive player,” as reported by City Holiday.

    “Take away the fact that he scored the goals, he worked a lot of the team. He made a lot of runs and created a lot of space around him.

    source :

  • Dada vinada

    Kroos stalls over new Bayern deal

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported – Bayern Munich are still trying to convince midfielder Toni Kroos to sign a new deal, chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has revealed.

    The 24-year-old Germany international sees his current contract expire next year and the Bavarian giants are desperate for him to commit his future to the club.

    But those talks have stalled, with Bayern – who have recently seen David Alaba and Jerome Boateng sign contract extensions – still battling to secure the signature of Kroos.

    “To be honest…because the talks so far have not led to a new contract…it’s always about the money in every agreement,” as reported by City Holiday.

    “We are interested that Toni prolongs his contract.”

    source :

  • Ga lucita

    Ballon d’Or a bad moment for Ribery – Muller

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported – Thomas Muller says Bayern Munich team-mate Franck Ribery will not allow his Ballon d’Or snub to destory his form.

    Ribery was one of the front-runners to win the award alongside Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo after a successful year with Bayern.

    However, the Frenchman ended up losing out on the individual accolade to the Portuguese, but Muller insists it will not affect the former Marseille man’s performances in 2014.

    “I don’t see any positive or negative effects,” as reported by City Holiday.

    “It was a bad moment for him – he had hopes that were dashed.

    “But he will build on his good performances and show everyone what we can do. He’s on the ball as always.”

    source :

  • Thon Mey

    Pellegrini menyebut wasit tidak adil kepada City

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Manajer Manchester City Manuel Pellegrini mengatakan wasit asal Swedia, Jonas Eriksson, memihak Barcelona dalam pertandingan Liga Champions, Rabu (19/02) dini hari.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Eriksson memberikan Barcelona penalti dan mengeluarkan Martin Demichelis sehingga tim Spanyol itu menang 2-0 di pertandingan terakhir di putaran pertama.

    “Dia ada dipihak Barcelona dari awal hingga akhir. Wasit berlaku tidak adil kepada kedua tim.” kesalnya.

    Demichelis diusir wasit pada menit ke 54 atas pelanggaran yang dilakukannya atas Lionel Messi.

    “Wasit telah memutuskan pertandingan. Sebelum pinalti dilakukan, ada pelanggaran yang lebih dulu terjadi kepada Jesus Navas tiga meter dari wasit, seharusnya dia melihat itu. Kesalahan pertama adalah tentang Navas dan kedua adalah soal penalti karena kontak terjadi di luar kotak.” jelasnya lagi.

    “Saya pikir, bukan ide yang baik untuk menunjuk wasit dari Swedia untuk pertandingan ini dan wasit yang telah melakukan kesalahan fatal dalam pertandingan Barcelona – AC Milan. Hari ini dia melakukannya lagi.” tutupnya.


  • Chanheng Mey

    AS Roma kembali mendapat hukuman

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – AS Roma kembali mendapat hukuman akibat ulah para penontonnya yang dinilai bersikap rasialis. Setelah tanpa penonton di Curva Sud dan Curva Nord Olimpico, AS Roma kini akan menjamu Inter Milan juga tanpa penonton di sektor Distinti Sud.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Suporter Roma sudah beberapa kali melanggar aturan “diskriminasi teritorial”, yang mana pada awalnya dirancang untuk menghadang aksi rasial di stadion. Curva Sud dan Curva Nord sebenarnya juga sudah ditutup ketika Roma meraih kemenangan 3-0 saat menjamu Sampdoria akhir pekan lalu. Ini merupakan satu dari hukuman dua pertandingan.

    Akan tetapi, dalam pertandingan tersebut hinaan-hinaan anti-Neapolitan terdengar dari sektor Distinti Sud. Komisi Disiplin Serie A pun lantas bereaksi dengan menginstruksikan sektor itu juga ditutup untuk laga kandang Giallorossi berikutnya, yang mana adalah melawan Inter pada awal Maret depan. Selain tambahan hukuman itu, Roma juga didenda 80 ribu euro.


  • Dada vinada

    Pizarro : Guardiola Buat Pemain Lebih Tenang

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari

    agen bola City Holiday – Claudio Pizarro merasa Bayern Munich lebih tenang musim ini dibandingkan ketika klub memenangi treble winners.

    Agen bola

    City Holiday Terpercaya – Di bawah Jupp Heynckes, Bayern mengklaim Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal dan Liga Champions di musim 2012/13. Kini bersama Pep Guardiola, Die Roten berpeluang mengulang prestasi serupa.

    Pizarro, yang mencetak tiga gol dari sembilan penampilan musim ini, menegaskan timnya masih lapar gelar dia juga merasa skuat lebih tenang.

    “Mungkin kami sedikit longgar sebelum pertandingan. Kami pergi dengan lebih sedikit perasaan gugup,” ujarnya.

    “Tapi jika kami di lapangan, kami hanya konsentrasi seperti di musim sebelumnya. Kami ingin memenangkan semuanya lagi. Ini hal terpenting.”


  • loy man

    Rooney Bantah Campuri Urusan Transfer United

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari city holiday – Wayne Rooney sempat disebut mencoba turut campur dalam urusan transfer Manchester United dalam era kepelatihan Sir Alex Ferguson. Karena hal itu pula kabarnya Fergie sampai bersedia melepas sang pemain.

    city holiday Terpercaya – Namun hal itu dibantah sendiri oleh Rooney. Penyerang timnas Inggris itu mengaku tidak pernah mengusulkan satu nama pun untuk dibeli oleh klub.

    “Saya ingin menegaskan lagi soal ini: Saya tidak pernah meminta klub membeli pemain. Saya juga tak pernah memberikan masukan soal transfer. Jika ada yang bilang saya melakukannya, orang itu sudah gila,” tegas Rooney.

    Dalam era kepelatihan David Moyes, Rooney juga tetap menjauh dari urusan transfer. Pemain yang masuk atau keluar klub sepenuhnya merupakan kewenangan dari pelatih.


  • Dada vinada

    Mazzarri: Hernanes Mengubah Permainan Inter

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari city holiday – Inter baru saja mengalahkan Verona dengan skor 2-0. Dalam pertandingan tersebut Hernanes hampir saja membukukan gol pertamanya bagi Inter andai tendangan bebasnya tidak terhalang tiang gawang.

    city holiday Terpercaya – Pelatih Internazionale Walter Mazzarri memberikan komentar terhadap bintang baru di klubnya tersebut. Mazzarri mengatakan bahwa kehadiran Hernanes di Inter telah merubah permainan klub.

    “Jika kami menginginkannya, ini karena Inter bertanya kepada saya, tentang pemain yang bisa menjadi berguna bagi tim dan saya sudah menginginkannya sejak di Napoli. Saya selalu menyukai Hernanes dan saya pikir ia bisa melakukannya lebih baik,” ujar Mazzarri.

    “Ia belum bugar seratus persen, tetapi ia tetap tenang dan selalu mengontrol bola dengan karakteristik yang memang kurang di tim ini,” pungkas Mazzarri.


  • ry chard

    PSG confirm Thiago Silva fractured bone in cheek

    agen bola – terpercaya reported – Paris Saint-Germain have confirmed that Thiago Silva fractured a bone in his cheek in Friday’s 1-0 win over Lorient.

    The Brazil international was forced off during the first half of the game at the Stade du Moustoir after taking a blow to his face while jumping to head the ball.

    It was initially feared that the centre-half could be facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines, thus putting his participation in PSG’s Champions League quarter-final tie with Chelsea in doubt.

    However, the Ligue 1 leaders confirmed on Saturday that the injury did not warrant an operation.

    “Examinations on Thiago Silva performed so far have revealed a fractured of the left zygomatic bone,” As reported by city holiday .

    “His condition did not require surgery. Downtime will depend on the evolution of pain in the coming days.”

    PSG host Chelsea at the Parc des Princes on April 2 before travelling to Stamford Bridge for the second leg six days later.


  • ravy sok

    Immobile targeting Italy World Cup spot

    agen bola – terpercaya reported – Torino striker Ciro Immobile said he hopes his maiden hat-trick on Saturday can propel him into Italy’s World Cup squad.

    The former Juventus player scored all of his side’s goals as they disposed of Livorno 3-1, taking his tally up to 16 goals in 26 league games this season.

    The 24-year-old nodded home from a set piece, before scuffing in a second from a looped pass into the area and capping his landmark treble in devastating fashion – curling a right-footed shot into the left side of the net from outside the box.

    Immobile admitted to feeling ‘emotional’ in the wake of his performance, and felt national boss Cesare Prandelli would take note of his performance in Turin.

    “I’ve got this match ball for all the sacrifices I’ve made throughout the years,” As reported by city holiday .

    “Prandelli knows me, he knows how hard I work. If he decides to call me up I will be ready to give my all, just like I do here.”


  • chamroeunoscar

    Montoya agrees new Barcelona contract

    agen bola – terpercaya reported – Barcelona have announced that defender Martin Montoya has agreed to extend his stay at Camp Nou for a further four years.

    The right back had been linked with a move away from Camp Nou at the end of the season, with Premier League outfit Liverpool among those reported to be interested in the 22-year-old, but the Blaugrana youth team product has now decided to commit his future to the Catalans.

    “FC Barcelona and the player Martin Montoya have reached an agreement to extend his contract until the 2017-2018 season,” As reported by city holiday .

    “The buy-out clause of the new contract is €20 million. The player’s contract will be signed in the coming weeks.”

    Montoya broke into the Barca first team in 2012 and has since gone on to make 53 appearances for the club, as well as scoring two goals.


  • Som Bol

    Celtic got third consecutive Scottish title

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, despite seven games to spare, the five-goal demolition of Partick Thistle at Firhill made Celtic get its third consecutive Scottish title.

    The victory establishes an unassailable 26-point lead over second-placed Aberdeen as Celtic is crowned champions for the 45th time. Celtic had scored 11 goals in their previous three games and it looked like they were about to unleash another goals-fest as the ball pinged about a penalty box unconvincingly guarded by a nervous home defense, as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    Many Celtic fans might have taken greater pleasure in securing it at the home of a certain other club in Scotland’s biggest city, but the absence of Rangers from the top flight has made their task easier for the second season running, as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    The Maryhill outfit were seeking a third straight home win after a season-long wait for a home victory since their return to the top flight, and manager Alan Archibald had voiced his determination to avoid hosting a championship party.



  • Som Bol

    Claudio Ranieri delighted with the result 6-0 for Monaco

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Monaco coach Claudio Ranieri was suitably thrilled with his side’s 6-0 demolition job of Ligue 2 side Lens in the Coupe de France quarter-finals.

    The victory is attributed to Lucas Ocampos brace, and further contributions from Dimitar Berbatov, Emmanuel Riviere, Fabinho and an own goal as they stormed into the semi-finals of the cup competition, as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    Monaco has not won the Coupe de France since 1991, but is one win away from matching their final appearance in 2010. Ranieri said his side concentrated on getting the result, despite playing lower-tier opposition, adding that a very good game, my players played very well. They were very focused… (and we did) not concede goals. Really, I’m very happy tonight, as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    Goalscorer Ocampos said he was pleased to help pile on the goals, but also stressed Monaco must regain their composure ahead of a Ligue 1 clash with Evian TG on Saturday.

    Ocampos added: “A win with many goals, we do not see that every day. I am very happy with my work. I am going to enjoy (the victory) a little and quickly focus on Saturday’s game.”


    Courtois Ideal untuk Barca’

  • Som Bol

    Courtois Ideal untuk Barca’

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Madrid – Marc-Andre Ter Stegen disebut-sebut bakal bergabung dengan Barcelona musim depan. Tapi ada yang menilai lebih baik Los Culesmendatangkan Thibaut Courtois saja.

    Ter Stegen dan Courtois memang jadi dua kiper yang namanya dikaitkan dengan Barca menyusul akan perginya Victor Valdes musim panas nanti.

    Nama pertama yang disebut lebih besar peluangnya pindah ke Camp Nou sebab ia sudah menyatakan akan meninggalkan Borussia Moenchengladbach akhir musim ini.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Sementara itu Courtois masih jadi rebutan antara Atletico Madrid dan Chelsea di mana The Blues sebagai pemilik resmi kiper asal Belgia itu akan segera menentukan kelanjutan masa depannya. Plus ayah Courtois sudah menyatakan peluang anaknya kecil untuk gabung ke Barca.

    Namun, dalam sepakbola apapun bisa terjadi dan bisa saja bukan Ter Stegen yang gabung atau bahkan bukan salah satu dari keduanya yang menjadi suksesor Valdes di Barca.


  • worlda john

    Cetak Empat Gol, Itu Sedikit Mustahil

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Ada kabar suka cita tengah menghinggapi kubu Borussia Dortmund. Pasalnya, bomber andalan, Robert Lewandowski siap kembali merumput bersama Die Borussien.

    Lewandowski pun tetap optimistis bahwa skuadnya masih memiliki kesempatan. Namun, ketika disinggung perihal apakah dirinya bisa kembali mencetak empat gol, striker 25 tahun itu mengatakan itu sedikit gila.

    “Tapi kami masih memiliki kesempatan. Kami bermain di Dortmund dan kami bisa tampil berbahaya di sini. Kami ingin memberikan segalanya dan bermain untuk 90 menit,” tutur Lewandowski.

    “Saya sangat sedih karena saya tidak bisa bermain di Madrid. Saya melihat di leg pertama dari rumah dan lebih gugup daripada berada di lapangan. Itu sangat sulit bagi saya dan saya berharap saya tidak pernah melewatkan permainan seperti itu lagi,” tutup Lewandowski.


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    Dortmund Harus Fokus Di Pertahanan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Mantan pemain Internasional Jerman, Christoph Metzelder memperingati Borussia Dortmund untuk memperkuat pertahanan mereka dalam menghadapi Real Madrid di leg kedua babak perempatfinal Liga Champions.

    Pria yang saat ini berusia 33 tahun juga menambahkan, agar runner upLiga Champions musim lalu itu bisa menyerang lebih dulu. Menurutnya, jika Los Blancos yang menyerang lebih dulu, hal tersebut pasti akan menjatuhkan mental para pemain Die Borussen.

    “Saya rasa Dortmund akan melakukan segalanya yang mereka miliki dan para pemain juga akan mencoba untuk mengalahkan diri mereka sendiri. Dortmund mampu bertahan dengan sangat disiplin dan memaksa lawan mereka untuk membuat kesalahan,” papar mantan pemain Borussia Dortmund musim 2000-2007.

    “Laga ini akan sangat penting bagi mereka untuk menemukan keseimbangan dalam permainan. Meskipun Real Madrid akan menghukum mereka tanpa ampun. Jika Madrid mencetak gol lebih awal, semangat Dortmund akan jatuh,” tambahnya.



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    Evra: Kami Bisa Juara seperti Chelsea

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Bek kiri Manchester United, Patrice Evra, percaya bahwa keadaan yang dialami Chelsea di tahun 2012, juga bisa terjadi pada klubnya saat ini yang masih berpeluang menjuarai Liga Champions.

    Situasi ini lah yang menjadi dorongan utama Evra menatap perjalanan timnya di kancah Eropa. Di leg pertama yang dimainkan di Old Trafford, United bermain imbang 1-1 melawan Bayern Munich.

    “Saya menyimpan pola pikir itu dalam pikiran saya. Saya tidak mengatakan kita akan melakukan hal yang sama tapi kadang-kadang Anda harus positif. Jadi, mengapa tidak? Anda harus percaya,” Evra menimpali.

    Selain itu, keadaan terbalik juga dirasakan United dan Bayern di pertandingan terakhir di liga masing-masing. The Red Devils mampu menang besar dengan skor 4-0 dari Newcastle United, sementara The Bavarians harus rela rekor tak terkalahkannya patah dari tangan Augsburg

    “Saya pikir itu bukan hasil yang baik, tapi itu bukan hasil yang buruk karena mereka mencetak gol tandang. Saya yakin kami bisa mencetak gol tandang di Munich. Tim ini percaya diri dan ketika Anda bermain untuk Manchester United Anda harus percaya diri, bahkan ketika kadang-kadang Anda memiliki waktu yang sulit sekalipun,” tegas Evra.



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    Fakta Menarik Laga Dortmund vs Madrid

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Meraih kemenangan meyakinkan 3-0 dari Borussia Dortmund di Santiago Bernabeu. Kini Real Madrid bakal menjaga kesempurnaan mereka, dengan menginginkan kemenangan di Signal Iduna Park.

    Namun untuk kali ini, meski tergolong aman, Madrid enggan tampil santai. Apalagi, Dortmund selalu tampil trengginas kala bermain di hadapan pendukungnya. Terakhir kali Dortmund mampu membekap Madrid 1-4, dengan diwarnai empat gol yang dilesakkan oleh Robert Lewandowski. Lalu bagaimana peluand Dortmund kali ini.

    Rekor Pertemuan Madrid vs Dortmund

    (30/04/13) Semifinal: Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund

    (24/04/13) Semifinal: Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid 4-1

    (06/11/12) Penyisihan grup: Real Madrid 2-2 Borussia Dortmund

    (24/10/12) Penyisihan Grup: Borussia Dortmund 2-1 Real Madrid

    (25/02/03) Penyisihan Grup: Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Real Madrid

    (19/02/03) Penyisihan Grup: Real Madrid 2-1 Borussia Dortmund

    (15/04/98) Semifinal: Borussia Dortmund 0-0 Real Madrid

    (01/04/98) Semifinal: Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund



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    Leg Kedua, Dante Waspadai Rooney

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Wayne Rooney, menjadi sosok yang paling diwasapadai oleh bek Bayern Munich, Dante Bonfim saat Manchester United menyambangi markas Bayern, Allianz Arena, Kamis dini hari mendatang dalam leg kedua babak delapan besar Liga Champions.

    Kabar dari Wazza ini diketahui bek Die Rotten, Dante. Pemain asal Brasil itu pun mengaku sangat mewaspadai permainan yang dimiliki Rooney andai saja dia benar-benar bisa dimainkan. Sebagai catatan, Dante bakal dimainkan di leg 2 setelah sebelumnya di pertemuan pertama tidak bisa bermain akibat akumulasi kartu kuning.

    Bermain imbang di Old Trafford, membuat Dante berharap magis para pendukung setia Bayern yang hadir ke stadion, bisa menjaid faktor yang bisa membantu mereka melumat Setan Merah.

    “Kami berada di rumah kami, di depan hampir 70 ribu penggemar. Kami sangat memerlukan dukungan mereka, dan saya berharap mereka akan ada di belakang kami dan menjadi pemain kedua belas,” tandasnya.



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    Reus: Mukjizat Itu Pasti Ada!

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Finalis Liga Champions musim lalu, Borussia Dortmund sedang dalam situasi sulit. Mereka harus mengejar defisit gol yang cukup besar kala menjamu Real Madrid pada leg kedua perempatfinal Liga Champions di Signal Iduna Park.

    Walaupun begitu, Marco Reus menegaskan kubunya belum menyerah dalam upaya menggenggam tiket semifinal, walaupun harus mengejar ketertinggalan agregat 3-0. Dia berharap mukjizat akan terjadi di leg kedua hari Selasa malam waktu setempat.

    Reus yang menjadi pencetak gol penentu kemenangan 2-1 atas Wolfsburg dalam lanjutan Bundesliga, Sabtu lalu, menyebutkan kubunya harus mengulangi permainan impresif yang ditunjukan Die Borussen kala melawan Die Wölfe, terutama permainan seperti yang diperlihatkan di babak kedua.

    “Kami belum menyerah. Akan sulit jika bermain seperti di babak pertama ketika melawan Wolfsburg. Tetapi jika kami bermain seperti di babak kedua kami mungkin masih punya peluang,” kata Reus.

    “Akan sangat sulit, tapi kami akan melakukan yang terbaik. Di sepakbola, semua itu bisa terjadi,” tutupnya.



  • loy man

    Tenang Sambangi Westfalen

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Gareth Bale ingin mengingatkan pada segenap skuad Real Madrid untuk tak serta-merta bisa santai saat melawat ke Westfalenstadion, markas Borussia Dortmund, Rabu dini hari mendatang. Tim tuan rumah pastinya ingin merampungkan 90 menit kedua dengan pertarungan habis-habisan.

    “Kami bermain hebat di kandang. Kami bermain baik dan pantas untuk menang. Tapi (leg kedua) di Dortmund akan jadi laga yang berbeda,” ujar Bale.

    Barisan bertahan Los Blancos juga dipastikan akan bekerja lebih keras lantaran bomber tajam Dortmund, Robert Lewandowski, sudah bisa diturunkan usai akumulasi kartu kuningnya sudah “diputihkan”.

    “Dia pemain hebat dan sudah memperlihatkan kehebatannya selama ini. Tapi kami mesti melakukan tugas kami, seperti di leg pertama dan bertahan dengan baik,” tambah pemain berusia 24 tahun itu.

    “Tak banyak yang bisa Anda lakukan saat Anda dihadapkan pada penyerang yang luar biasa. Semoga tim kami bisa berada di level yang sama di pertandingan itu,” tuntas Bale.



  • loy man

    Garcia waiting the match with Juvent

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Roma coach Rudi Garcia said he is looking forward to their potentially Serie A-deciding clash with Juventus in May. Roma needs to be within six points at least ahead of the clash. Garcia said he cannot wait to tackle Juve at home, despite fixtures with Atalanta, Fiorentina, Milan and Catania to come first.

    Garcia told La7: “I am impatiently awaiting the game with Juventus. I hope it can be decisive for both teams. We are advancing, step by step, so we can stun our opponents for the win of our dreams.” as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    Garcia said captain Francesco Totti would play on next season regardless of whether the club reels in Juventus. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    He added: “He won’t play forever, but then who can? The club asked my opinion when they were discussing his contract and considered a two-year deal. My response was as easy as it was spontaneous.”



  • loy man

    Hazard: his injury not so serious

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Eden Hazard says his substitution during Chelsea’s triumphant UEFA Champions League display on Tuesday was strictly a precaution. He just appeared for 18 minutes during the game against PSG and was replaced by Andre Schurrle.

    Post-game, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho confirmed the 23-year-old had picked up a calf injury and would miss at least two weeks. Hazard has been a standout performer Mourinho’s men, scoring 14 goals in 33 league appearances this season. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    Hazard stressed the injury was not serious after feeling some discomfort during the warm-up. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya

    However, he said: “I had already felt some pain in my calf during the warming-up. I didn’t want to take a risk.” It is still unclear his injury will affect his presence in the next game.



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    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Obor yang digunakan saat pembukaan Olimpiade Berkuda 1956 di Stockholm laku terjual dengan harga tinggi. Lewat sebuah lelang obor tersebut laku terjual 412.500 USD atau Rp 4,7 miliar (kurs Rp11.500). Itu belum ditambah 15 persen bagi si pembali yang berhasil mendapatkan obor tersebut.

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    “Lelang berlangsung baik. Anda bisa bayangkan saya benar-benar terkejut dengan harga yang mampu melambung seperti itu,” kata juru lelang Ingrid O’Neil.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Obor Olimpiade Berkuda 1956 ini terjual lebih mahal dibandingkan dengan barang kenangan OlimpiadeHelsinki 1952 yang laku terjual 290.000 USD dalam sebuah lelang di Paris pada 2011 lalu.


  • Federer urung tampil karena istri

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Para penggemar Roger Federer harus memendam kekecewaan. Pasalnya, petenis yang ditunggu penampilannya urung tampil di turnamen Madrid Terbuka 2014. Loh, kenapa ?

    Ternyata Federer lebih memilih menemani sang istri, Mirka yang akan melahirkan anak ketiga mereka. “Saya meminta maaf kepada penggemar dan berharap bisa kembali tahun depan,”ujarnya.

    Federer menjadi petenis papan atas kedua yang tidak bisa tampil. Sebelumnya Novak Djokovic juga menyatakan mundur setelah mengalami cedera pergelangan tangan.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Dalam halaman facebook-nya, Federer menulis jika dirinya akan bersama istrinya beberapa pekan. “Saya akan menyenangkan keluarga saya.”


  • Clippers Kalahkan Thunder di Gim Pertama

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Guard Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul tampil gemilang di gim pertama semifinal Wilayah Barat lawan Oklahoma City Thunder. Sumbangan 32 poin CP3 bikin Clippers menang 122-105.

    Pada gim yang dihelat di Chesapeake Energy Arena, Selasa (6/5/2014) pagi WIB, Clippers sudah memimpin sejak kuarter pertama dengan unggul 39-25.

    Di kuarter kedua Clippers masih memimpin dengan 30 poin berbanding 27 angka untuk tutup babak pertama dengan 69-52.

    Masuk di kuarter ketiga Clippers masih unggul dan Thunder baru bisa bangkit di kuarter terakhir, tapi tetap Clippers lah yang akhirnya menang 122-105.

    Chris Paul bikin delapan tembakan tiga angka dari total 32 poin, dua rebound, dan 10 assist yang dibuatnya di gim ini. Bagi Chris Paul ini adalah perolehan three point tertinggi dalam kariernya.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Ia ditopang rekannya Blake Griffin dengan 23 poin, Jamal Crafword dengan 17 poin, dan J.J Reddick dengan 12 poin. Gim kedua masih dihelat di kandang Thunder dua hari berselang.

    Sumber .

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    Clippers Taklukkan Thunder di Game Pertama
    Berita Olahraga terkini dan terbaru dari Agen Indo11 – Los Angeles Clippers Memenangkan pertandingan pada game pertama di Chesapeake Energy Arena, Selasa (6/5/2014), dengan unggul 1-0 atas Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Agen Indo11 Terpercaya – Clippers akhirnya menaklukkan Thunder dengan angka 122-105 pada akhir permainan. Pada kuarter pertama, Clippers unggul 49-25. Pasukan Doc Rivers semakin mempertajam keunggulannya menjadi 69-52 hingga kuarter kedua.

    Pada kuarter terakhir Thunder berupaya untuk mengejar di kuarter terakhir. Namun karena waktu yang tersisa tinggal sedikit tetap saja Thunder harus menerima kekalahan.

    Kemenangan Clippers berkat penampilan Chris Paul yang gemilang dengan raihan double-double (32 poin dan 10 rebound). Pada laga ini Paul mengukir rekor tembakan tiga angka terbanyak sepanjang kariernya. Paul delapan kali melesakkan tembakan tiga angka.

    Blake Griffin juga menyumbang kepada Clippers, dengan mencatat 23 poin, lima rebound dan lima assists.

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    Phelps siap untuk meramaikan GP Charlotte

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Setelah sempat mengumumkan pensiun, perenang Michael Phelps kembali akan masuk kolam. Perenang Amerika Serikat itu dipastikan akan ambil bagian dalam perlombaan dengan labelGrand Prix yang akan digelar di Charlotte, North Carolina pada 16 Mei mendatang.

    Kepastian ini disampaikan langsung pelatih Phelps, Bob Bowman. Kepada The Associated Press, Selasa (6/5), Bowman menuturkan anak asuhnya itu akan tampil di nomor 100 meter gaya kupu-kupu dan 200 meter gata bebas.

    Ini merupakan penampilan keduanya setelah berlaga di Arizona dua pekan lalu. Phelps memutuskan pensiun usai Olimpiade 2012.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Sebelum memutuskan untuk tidak lagi aktif, Phelps telah menorehkan sebagai atlet paling berprestadi di pentas olimpiade. Setidaknya sudah 22 medali sudah dikoleksi.


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    Vialli: victory comes from the quality of the team

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus has just secured Scudetto with a 1-0 victory over Atalanta and Juventus legend Gianluca Vialli appraised the quality of the team which is the main reason for his club to win.
    He said: “In order to win once talent is enough. But in order to win again you need character. In order to win three times in a row, you have to be monstrous! I said it at the start: for Juve to win a third successive Scudetto it would take Conte’s best team yet. That’s what ended up happening.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Vialli emphasized the quality of Juventus and raised the example of Tiger wood when he talks about consistent quality. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “I think of Tiger Woods when he says that the best quality is consistency. Consistency is everything. There are great athletes and there are exceptional athletes, those who never stop achieving. They never relax.”

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    Juventus president Agnelli doesn’t agree with third star idea

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus President Andrea Agnelli doesn’t agree to allow wearing a third star on their shirt next season. Traditionally any team is allowed to add an extra star on the shirt for each ten league titles victory.
    He said: “We have written a page in the history of Juventus. That is to the credit of the Coach, the players and my colleagues. There will be no third star because, in our eyes, we have won 32 Scudetti even though the official records say we have only won 30.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “From today we are allowed to choose when to put the star on. When other teams manage to add the second star, we will add the third to show the difference between us and them.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya

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    ‘I expected a phone call’ – Jilted Gilardino frustrated with Prandelli

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Alberto Gilardino said that he was disappointed not to get a phone call from Cesare Prandelli to inform him of his omission from Italy’s World Cup squad.

    Gilardino was overlooked for the Azzurri’s final 23-man squad for the finals in Brazil, with Alessio Cerci, Lorenzo Insigne, Ciro Immobile and Antonio Cassano selected alongside Mario Balotelli as striking options.

    The 32-year-old, who played under Prandelli at Parma, admits he felt he deserved better treatment from his former coach after being snubbed from his plans for tournament, which ended in the group stage for Italy.

    “I expected a phone call from him, I thought we had a different relationship to that after six or seven years together,” Gilardino told Sky.

    “I am certainly disappointed by his behaviour.”

    However, Gilardino insisted he does not resent Prandelli for his lack of a personal touch and praised his former coach for his influence on his development as a forward.

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    Oier leaves Barcelona for Granada

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Goalkeeper Oier has left Barcelona to join Granada on a free transfer, the Catalan club have confirmed.

    The 24-year-old joined Barca’s youth academy in 2007 as an 18-year-old, but was unable to make the full step up to senior level despite making 122 appearances for the B team.

    Oier played just twice for the senior side in his time at Camp Nou, but will hope for more playing time at Granada after agreeing a four-year deal with the club.

    “Granada Football Club can report that it has reached an agreement with FC Barcelona for the transfer of Oier Olazabal for four seasons,” a statement on Granada’s official website read.

    “Oier arrives on a free to Granada, but the Blaugrana retain a clause to receive a financial percentage in the case of a future transfer of the goalkeeper.”

    Oier will have a challenge on his hands if he is to displace regular goalkeeper Roberto, who made 32 appearances for the club last season.

    The Andalusian club narrowly avoided relegation from La Liga last term, finishing just two points clear of the drop zone in 15th.

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    Ronaldo still in shock over Brazil loss

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Ronaldo has acknowledged it will be a while before Brazil come to terms with the impact of their 7-1 semi-final thrashing by Germany.

    The Selecao crashed out of the World Cup on Tuesday by the biggest margin of defeat of any semi-finalists in the tournament’s history, and now face the Netherlands in the third-place play off on Saturday.

    Ronaldo, who was a World Cup winner with Brazil in 2002, conceded the humbling defeat would leave a deep scar and, though they could be proud with how they hosted the competition, Brazilians will struggle to find any solace.

    “No, and I can speak for a lot of people in Brazil,” the 37-year-old told the Times of India when asked if he had recovered from the shock of the loss.

    “This will take a lot of time for us to digest. I was in the commentary box and couldn’t believe what was happening on the pitch that night. Unbelievable!

    “It is too early to discuss [what Brazil can take from this]. We need to look into everything and come up with solutions for a better future.”

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    Man Utd can still win Premier League, insists Van Gaal

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Louis van Gaal insists Manchester United can still win the Premier League this season, despite a winless start to the season.
    The Dutchman is still searching for his first league win of the new campaign after an opening day defeat at home to Swansea City was followed by a 1-1 draw at Sunderland last Sunday.
    “We can be the champions still in England now, in my first year. Maybe you shall laugh, but also in my former clubs I have started like this, so for me it’s not big news or different, because I have already said that,” Van Gaal told reporters.
    “But you have to survive as a trainer, as a manager. You have to survive, because, nowadays, the fans are asking for results and this is the question: can I receive enough time to do all the steps we have to do?
    “Maybe you the media can support Louis van Gaal. Do you believe in him? Yes? Okay. What a fantastic end, a fantastic end.”

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    Klopp: Dortmund lost control against Augsburg

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Jurgen Klopp blasted his Borussia Dortmund players for losing complete control of their Bundesliga clash with Augsburg on Friday night.
    BVB looked set to bounce back from their shocking opening-day defeat at home to Bayer Leverkusen with a resounding with at the SGL Arena, with Marco Reus and Sokratis Papastathopoulos both netting inside the opening quarter before Adrian Ramos seemingly put the outcome beyond all doubt with just over 10 minutes to go.
    Dortmund ultimately held on to collect their first points of the season, but Klopp was less than impressed with the way in which his troops went to pieces in the closing stages.
    “Many things got out of control,” the BVB boss told Sky. “But the result today helps us after the brutality of the opening loss.

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    Ronaldo left out of Portugal squad

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Portugal boss Paulo Bento has left star man Cristiano Ronaldo out of his squad for the start of the country’s Euro 2016 qualification campaign due to ongoing concerns over the forward’s fitness.
    The Real Madrid ace was plagued by thigh and knee problems at the tail end of last season and during this summer’s World Cup in Brazil – but the 29-year-old played all 90 minutes of Monday’s Liga opener against Cordoba, even netting in the dying seconds with a sensational long-range strike.
    However, Bento has decided against calling upon the Ballon d’Or holder for the Group I clash with Albania on September 7.
    “There’s a question over his fitness,” Bento is quoted as saying by Marca. “Regardless of having played regularly, he can’t compete.”

  • Rodgers: I want to coach in Spain after Liverpool

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed his ambition to one day coach in Spain.

    The Reds boss spent time in the country to learn and observe during his managerial education and is keen to go back once he has done everything that he wants to do at Anfield.

    Rodgers is adamant that he could happily stay at Liverpool for “another 20-odd years” but would like to broaden his horizons eventually.

    Asked by AS where he seems himself in five years, the Northern Irishman replied: “I don’t know … I hope one day to work in Spain.”

  • Diame is Arsenal’s loss and Hull’s gain – Davies

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Hull City defender Curtis Davies has praised Mohamed Diame for his goalscoring start to life at the club, declaring himself delighted that the Senegalese midfielder chose the Tigers over Arsenal.

    Davies told reporters of Diame: “He’s been brilliant. His quality, his composure … he’s definitely added to our squad. I was expecting a hustle-and-bustle midfielder, a strong, get-about player. I thought the goals would come but to get four in five is ridiculous.

    “Arsenal were meant to get him on about two or three occasions. I’m not sure if it was something to do with the medicals. He nearly went there when he was at Wigan and West Ham.

    “I don’t know why it didn’t happen but I’m delighted it didn’t and that he came to us instead. I’m particularly delighted he’s travelled halfway round the world this week, put in that performance and scored a composed goal like that.”

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    Costa ruled out of Chelsea – Maribor clash

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has ruled Diego Costa out of the club’s Champions League group game against Maribor on Tuesday.

    The Spain international missed his first Premier League match on Saturday as the Blues triumphed 2-1 at Crystal Palace to maintain their five-point lead at the top of the table.

    And Mourinho explained to reporters: “It’s the same problem that he [Diego Costa] is having. Now an injury, not almost an injury. He’s not training because he’s not in condition to do it.

    “Tomorrow he can’t play. Let’s see what happens next weekend [against Manchester United] but what matters is tomorrow and tomorrow he can’t play.”

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    The influential midfielder urged his colleagues to provide all their remaining games before the winter break and leave the relegation zone

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Ilkay Gündogan has stressed that it is important to Borussia Dortmund to win the five remaining games before the winter break.

    It was men Jürgen Klopp in disappointing form in the first months of the Bundesliga 2014-15 campaign, but Gundogan feels they can limit the damage in the coming weeks.

    “We do not have enough points in the Bundesliga at the moment,” said Dortmund Gundogan official website.

    “Our goal until the winter break now to add more points to our tally as possible. Ideally, we want to win in all five matches.

    “It would still cannot be a good first half of the season, but at least it will be a kind of basis for the second half we have. We hope to have all the players fit again to restart in January.”

    Dortmund is beaten by Arsenal in the Champions League on Wednesday, but Gundogan hopes they can bounce against Eintracht Frankfurt at the weekend.

    “Maybe this is the time where we can hit the gas in the Bundesliga after slipping in the Champions League. We want to do what we want to do again Arsenal in Sunday’s game against Frankfurt.”

    Dortmund currently sits in 16th in the Bundesliga list.

  • Som Bol

    All of last year’s four winners are among the nomination, whilst the Champions League winners have five players on the list of 20 players

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich Football Union professional players dominate defenders World XI shortlist in 2014, a total of 12 of the 20 candidates.

    The fourth winner of the nominations in the past year – Dani Alves, Philipp Lahm and Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva, who atheist defenders last year ten.

    They are Leighton Baines, Ashley Cole, Dante and Nemanja Vidic has disappeared from a short list compared to last year.

    Daniel Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo and Raphael Paran are Madrid after the success of the Champions League campaign at the Santiago Bernabeu side.

    At the same time, Jordi Alba, Alves, Javier Mascherano and Gerard Pique are Barcelona four candidates to make the World XI.

    Duo of Paris Saint-Germain, David Luiz and Thiago Silva and Manchester City Pablo Zabaleta and Vincent Kompany, Chelsea pair Branislav Ivanovic and Felipe Luis, Diego Godin and Atletico Madrid defender Mats Hummels Borussia Dortmund complete the shortlist.

  • The Blues remain unbeaten is in competitions and sealed their progress to the Champions League knockout rounds with a stunning 5-0 win over Schalke in midweek

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Jose Mourinho says Chelsea must avoid satisfied if they want to maintain their impressive performance to go after the beginning of an almost perfect for this season.

    Chelsea remains unbeaten is in all competitions this season, after opening scintillating, with their lead at the top of the Premier League now stands at six points.

    Tuesday’s 5-0 crushing of Schalke sees Chelsea qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League in convincing fashion, but, speaking ahead of this weekend’s trip to Sunderland, Mourinho has warned his team against a decline in the standards.

    “Every player in my team gorgeous and I am very happy with all of them,” said Mourinho. “The only risk we have is satisfied.”

    The Portuguese coach added that although the precise form of the club, he has no reason for “on the surface of the moon when we win or when we lose in hell”, but he believes that his team had improved after finishing third last season.

    “We’ve improved where we can without having to worry about other factors and other teams.”

    Chelsea has won 10 and drawn two of their matches in 12 Premier League games, and will look to continue the excellent form against Sunderland in 14th place in the Premier League on Saturday.

  • bon tong

    France has best footballers in the world – Bielsa

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Marseille coach Marcelo Bielsa claims that Ligue 1 possesses the best footballers in the world.

    The Argentine was a high profile coup for Marseille this summer, signing a two-year contract having carved out a reputation as a top trainer with Argentina, Chile and Athletic Bilbao in recent years.

    Bielsa’s arrival has coincided with an upturn in fortunes on the field for the club a3s they have gone from finishing sixth last season to the top of Ligue 1 with just one game to go in 2014.

    Only once has a French team won the Champions League or European Cup – when Marseille lifted the trophy in 1992-93 – but Bielsa thinks that the country’s top flight is in the pinnacle of the sport.

    “I think French football has the best footballers in the world,” he told reporters. The best teams in the world are buying here.”

  • Som Bol

    Blanc admits to PSG ‘turbulence’

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Paris Saint-Germain boss Laurent Blanc believes his team are suffering from “turbulence” ahead of their final game of 2014 on Saturday.

    The Parisiens lost back-to-back matches – to Barcelona and Guingamp – prior to their 3-1 Coupe de la Ligue win over Ajaccio in midweek.

    However, PSG have reached the last-16 of the Champions League and are the only team in Europe still unbeaten in their domestic league.

    But that has not stopped critics from questioning Blanc and his players and the former France boss has admitted he feels there is a lot more to come from his side next year.

    “As the coach, I felt that my team has not been at its best, but I acknowledged that before,” he told reporters.

    “But the 37 points we have, we deserve them.”

  • Manchester United are still in the title race, warns Mourinho

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says Manchester United cannot be ruled out of the title race despite currently lying eight points behind the Blues.

    Louis van Gaal’s side are in fine form, having won their last six games in a row to move into third place in the Premier League table.

    While the Red Devils are still some way behind both Chelsea and City, Mourinho says that with over half the season to go, the title race is still wide open.

    “There is still a long time to go – not even 50% of league is played,” he told reporters.

    “People with less than 10 points difference are in the title race.”

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