How to Grow Your SEO Company – A Video Chat w/ Rand Fishkin

  • April 12th 2016
  • by Marvin Russell
How to Grow Your SEO Company – A Video Chat w/ Rand Fishkin

Last week I jumped on Skype to have a video chat with the Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin. But we didn’t talk typical SEO strategies, tactics, and techniques. We talked business. More specifically, we discussed how to grow your SEO business. If you’re an SEO service provider or a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services, you may want to watch this 30 minute video. ¬†From SEO consultant to CEO and founder of the most popular SEO software on the planet, Rand has a unique and interesting perspective on how SEO companies can provide better SEO services to their customers and grow their business.

Here are some of the questions I ask Rand:

  • How do you start a business in SEO?
  • What are the biggest mistakes SEO companies are still making in 2016?
  • Should SEO companies promise revenue or links and articles?
  • Should SEO companies provide other services like web design and conversion optimization?
  • Should SEO agencies be worried about in-house consultants or DIY SEO tools?
  • Is SEO dying?
  • Should digital marketing agencies sell “SEO” or use other terms like “content marketing?”

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Watch the interview:

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  • Hi guys, some really interesting and useful pointers from two SEO “gurus”! (just correct the 404 to Rand’s Twitter link above and you’ll be SEO “gods”!!

  • Lee Stewart

    Funnily enough just finished watching the latest Whiteboard Friday with Rand, awesome guy! Some great tips here, thanks for sharing. Keep up the awesome work with MSA Marvin, we’re getting regular business to our agency thanks to the WordPress plug-in, the SEO audits seem to be a huge clincher for many of our prospective clients, who doesn’t love free stuff!

    • You’re absolutely right. Everyone loves free stuff! Thanks for watching and commenting Lee.

  • Teuta

    Lots of good point. Never be embarrassed to share the story about where you came from, how you grew and always be thankful to those who helped.
    SEO industry is not dying, it’s evolving.
    To be aSEO analyst you have to be willing to learn constantly. This is why I love seo it’s never boring. SEO is a brain booster. You’re always analyzing and trying to make sense of the data and be able to translate it in a language clients can understand. However, practically, I am a student but I don’t think my clients understands that. I usually tell them that I stay informed in the industry and always adapting to the latest and greatest.
    I like that Randy is not afraid to admit his mistakes. We all make mistakes. It’s how we learn. When somebody tells me they never made a mistake, I think that they are either lying or that they have never took any risks to try something new.

  • Very inspiring as always Marvin! Thanks for getting the wizard of moz on this video chat – Moms are the best!

  • Rand is on point. The tasks of growing more business is a tough one and has some great insight. Also, as a person running an organization, some important ideals to “enrich” your clients and offer some great experiences would include these initiatives

    That’s what will separate you from the pack. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into “disagreements” with other “Seo guys” that “only care about Seo” and not “the client’s business”.

    • Justin Weeks

      Hey David, you seem really knowledgable about all of this stuff. I did however wonder how you can be so successful as far as putting the right products online. My personal opinion is that you bully/ threaten/ and try to intimidate Amazon users so you yourself have the lowest prices. You pretended to be a representative of a manufacturer that you have been pimping on this very blog. You sent me a message stating that you worked for them, when I questioned the legitimacy of of your employment, I received no response. You then sent a 3rd and final request threatening us. When I asked for your credentials yet again you did not answer. Then you ordered the same product that you said I had to meet the pricing requirements. We cancelled the order and hurt our metrics because I knew that you were going to send it back/ claim something weird. You then left a review about the product on our feedback. Amazon took it down though. You ordered the same product yet again and just put a return on it for us, claiming it was a knock off even though we both know that’s not true. You obviously used a wrong name, but your actual number which seems silly to me. I even called you David, asked for Gary and you said he was unavailable. Now I’ve had Amazon about a month, I’m carrying a product from a wholesaler so and meeting the price requirements. I ask you in front of your peers, how do new sellers like me make it when more established sellers like yourself pull these little games so I have bad metrics reviews? How am I suppose to compete? Please let me know as I’m brand new to this, and your claiming to be this marketing guru but really you brow beat people. That’s just not good karma man. But that’s Get Found Marketings phone number, and I talked to you… So that’s not very professional.

  • Awesome interview, Rand always has a great answer to a great question. I think the SEO acronym is generally becoming more acceptable for agencies to preach to clients. One tip I would add for agencies is to vet your clients very carefully and try not to offer “too much”! That was one of my mistakes coming from an in-house team to setting up my own digital agency, I got bullied from my clients into providing CRO, PPC, remarketing, SEO, content marketing… this can be massively overwhelming and as Rand said, focus on your raw passion – the particular services you’re most comfortable and educated with, and don’t let you clients bully you into a corner.

    • I am so happy you found this useful. That’s a great takeaway. Be great at one thing, and not just OK at several things.

  • Your Checkli link not working Marvin

  • Liz Krause

    This was good to watch. Could even be broken down into a deeper series. Having started my own online marketing business recently I was very interested in hear what terms are still good to use today to describe these services, so that part was helpful. One of the biggest struggles is educating prospects on the value too. Thanks for the great interview!

  • Hey Marvin,
    Very inspirational interview & great questions.
    Two key take-aways, in my opinion:
    – The fact that Rand mentions ‘relevant traffic’ as one of the most important metrics. Quality > quantity. You can build hundreds of links and articles and have no results, or you can create something incredible and attract the right audience.
    – Follow your passion and do what you’re good at.

    It would seem that amazing people have amazing moms.

    P.S. love your tool

    • Hi Ioana,

      Thanks for watching and thanks for commenting. I’m glad you found it useful. Glad you like our tool, and yes we have amazing moms!

  • Hey Marvin, this is very inspirational very much appreciate your sharing this. W/O going off track here, can you share how you set up this video side by side … is this two separate webcam video’s combined with a into a finished product ? Don’t get me wrong I am very interested in the content but like how it was presented and wondering what if you might share your “Tools of the Trade” ? Thanks

  • karamath

    Hai Sir,

    I saw the above Interview and it is nice

    Thanks for sharing.


  • amy_badger
  • This was awesome and very insightful thank you! I’m have a small SEO company in South Africa and really want to grow it. I’m also a college dropout xD But worked for a SEO company in UK, stole with my eyes and went solo. Thanks for the tips Rand! Your name is the same as our currency here lol I’ll call you Rand and you can call me Dollar haha