How an SEO Audit Tool Can Improve Your Sales Funnel

  • March 30th 2017
  • by Niko Vergis
How an SEO Audit Tool Can Improve Your Sales Funnel

Charlie Rose is the owner of SEO Mechanic and one of our longest standing members since 2014. He’s an online marketing guru who has managed to generate north of 30,000 total audits. His story below summarizes how MySiteAuditor has helped him grow over the past 3 years.

Our clients come to us over and over again with the same problem: they want to know why their site is not showing up in search results.

Prior to MySiteAuditor, I was taking manual SEO audit requests through my site and spitting them out on an Excel document. While it kinda worked it was inefficient, to say the least… like an oval wheel. I had even attempted to make my own automated SEO auditor, which turned out not to be so easy.

Now, I use MySiteAuditor. In less than 5 steps, a visitor to SEO Mechanic can get the answer. It analyzes their SEO health, benchmarks competitors, and exports the results as a PDF (even while I’m sleeping).

SEO audit tools help shorten the sales funnel and educate leads on why their site is not ranking without having to talk to us. Sales is about convincing clients that they have a problem, and that you can fix it. Audit tools do exactly this for SEO services.

That said, we don’t want to overwhelm or scare clients away by reporting thousands of site issues. We use MySiteAuditor because their SEO audit report shows enough information without being overly complicated. Later on, we take deeper dives into particular site issues.

I would wager a guess that I am one of the oldest MySiteAuditor customers (editor: he is!), and I don’t plan on going anywhere!

  • Excellent points on how and SEO audit helps shorten the sales funnel. I’ve used MySiteAuditor for several years also, my favorite part of the tool is competitor analysis: it can be eye-opening for my clients!

  • You make very good points. Being able to automate lead generation and get people into a sales funnel is critical I think. I’m currently doing manual audits and it’s a real pain, I land up making client wait too long for their audits and they go elsewhere. The issue I have is we’re a start up company and I’m not sure If I can go with a paid tool until I get a few steady clients. I would love to though, you’re on my “to invest in” list and I’ve been watching your tool for a while. I love the lead acquisition feature. Here’s the site I was hoping to install the lead acquisition feature on

  • Tools make our work so much easier. This was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing Niko. I haven’t tried mysiteauditor yet. Is there a trial period that we can use to try the tool?