10 Proven Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

  • November 17th 2014
  • by Marvin Russell
10 Proven Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

There’s no doubt about it. Content marketing is the future of SEO and digital marketing. But what makes content go viral? More specifically, what do the top shared articles¬†have in common? Well, the folks at Buzzsumo analyzed over 100 million articles so they could find the answers to those questions. They looked for commonalities and trends that the most shared articles had in common, and here’s what they came up with.

10 ways to make your content go viral

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Source: Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us.

  • adeshokan shamsudeen

    HI Marvin,

    I’ll like to add to the list – be controversial – yes, write controversial post. I have tried this over and over and it worked well for me each time I did.

    This week, I write a case study on why you shouldn’t rely on BuzzSumo total social shares count of a content to determine its viral effectiveness.

    Like you, I know many marketers use this tools for content marketing purpose, after my personal findings and experience with it, I decide to come from other angel.

    This brings in lots of first time readers. Thanks Marvin, keep sharing.

    • Yes, I agree. Don’t always go with the crowd. Play devils advocate and encourage debate :)

  • Love the thought of this blog! Thanks for sharing another wonderful information about how to share contents more effectively!

  • Steve Cooper

    Hi Marvin, are social shares counted as backlinks? Or a they a ranking factor in their own right? Or is it just that great content will attract normal backlinks? Slightly confused on this and would appreciate your insight : )

    • Hi Steve,

      Social shares are NOT counted as backlinks but they can attract backlinks ;) Yes, they are a ranking factor in their own right.

      Are you doing SEO for your site, or do you sell SEO?

      • Steve Cooper

        Thanks Marvin! I would like to sell SEO and think the mysiteauditor tool would really help generate leads. I’m knowledgeable about on page optimization & keyword research. However, I feel like I need to develop my link building skills and understanding. Could you direct me towards any resources which could help?

  • thelma harcum

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was more than helpful!

    • You are so welcome Thelma.

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