We Overhauled our Audit Engine – Website Audits are Lightning Fast!

Marvin Russell
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Since 2013, MySiteAuditor has been on a mission to help small digital marketing, web design and SEO agencies grow and become more successful by providing them with affordable sales and lead generation tools. Behind each of our tools is our proprietary “audit engine” — the system that takes a landing page and URL, performs a holistic “scan” of that landing page and website, integrates its findings with various other data sources, and generates a point-by-point audit (and audit score).

Today we are thrilled to announce a complete overhaul of our audit engine!

Highlights of the new audit engine:

  • 10x faster than before
  • More accurate signals, with redundant verifications for many audit checks
  • 25% higher view rate by prospective leads

Brock Ferguson, CTO at MySiteAuditor says, “Our new audit engine improves the things that are truly core to the user experience: speed, accuracy, and reliability.This will help our agencies generate faster and better SEO audits for their clients and leads.”

This releases follows on recent news of MySiteAuditor’s acquisiton by SureSwift Capital, a Canadian firm operating several successful and profitable SaaS companies. “The acquisition was a strategic move for us,” said Marvin Russell, CEO of MySiteAuditor. “They are able to inject fresh new resources to catalyze the growth and success of our company.”

Russell and Ferguson are continuing as core members of the MySiteAuditor team

To learn more about MySiteAuditor or to sign up for a free 7 day trial, please visit mysiteauditor.com.