Title Tag SEO Tips

Top 10 Title Tag SEO Tips #Infographic

Every second, 40,000 searches are performed by users in Google. Google’s main goal is to connect those users to the most relevant web page with the best information. As you know, one of the first things a users sees on search engine results pages are title tags. Title tags are the first indication of what’s on a web page. So, your title tag is clearly one of the most important components of a web page. It impacts click-through-rate and rankings. Here’s an infographic I put together that will help you remember the top 10 things you need to do to make sure your title tag is properly optimized for search engines and for people.

title tag seo tips infographic

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Infographic Notes:

1. A title tag should be on every web page
Double check that you have a title tag on every page of your site.

2. Never have duplicate title tags on your site
Google recommends that all title tags be 100% unique on your site.

3. Begin your title tag with your keyword
Begin your title tag with your keyword to improve your rankings.

4. Use your exact target keyword
Don’t use variations of your keyword. Use the exact keyword.

5. Don’t stuff keywords in your title tag
This is an outdated and unethical tactic that won’t improve your SEO.

6. Add your brand name at the end
Adding your company name will help CTR and brand awareness.

7. Keep title tags under 60 characters
Anything longer will get cut off on search engine results pages.

8. Don’t use all CAPs in your title tag
This looks spammy, plus it decreases the space you have.

9.  Use characters and numbers
Characters and numbers attract more eyes, yielding higher CTRs.

10. Spy on competitor’s title tags
Find out what keywords your competitors are targeting.


For most of you this should be pretty simple. But if you’re a new freelancer or you’ve just started at a new agency, you have to start somewhere, and the title tag is an excellent place to start learning about SEO. Good luck!