Link Earning Infographic

Link Earning vs. Link Building Infographic

Understanding the difference between “link earning and link building” is critical for SEO companies and for those thinking of hiring an SEO company. We need to be smarter in our approach and more ethical with our tactics. “Link earning” is the perfect opportunity to do so. Every SEO company in the world should stop “link building” and start “link earning”.

Simply saying the words “link earning” will help your SEO team get in the right state of mind when performing SEO. The next time a prospective clients ask about your link building techniques, politely explain how and why your team doesn’t link build. Then explain how and why your team performs link earning.

Below, I created this infographic to help you better understand and more clearly explain the differences between building links and earning links.

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What is link earning?

Feel free to use this infographic on your website as long as you do not edit it in any way.


I believe link earning originated from Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. So thank you Danny. This phrase is a huge win for the SEO industry. This is our chance to win back the credibility that black-hat and spammy SEO companies have taken away from us.