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20 Signs Your Web Designer is Terrible

It’s been 10+ years since I built a website for my first client and I’m not ashamed to say that back then I was a terrible web designer. I was terrible for many years and for many different reasons. In fact, everything you’ll see below, I was guilty of. However, I eventually learned how to perfect the web designing process the hard way, through determination, research and lots of experience. Today, I think it’s safe to say I’m a very good web designer. If you don’t believe me, ask Inc Magazine, Crain’s Business, CBS, ABC, and NBC. Because they’ve all asked for my opinion and advice multiple times on this subject. Read more

5 Ways to Optimize Your Face in Google

Whether you are building your personal brand or just feeding your ego, this article is perfect for you. Below, I’ve put together 5 simple ways you can become a more recognizable thought leader and build the value of your personal brand. But, don’t send your web developer or SEO team this post just yet, these are all things you can do yourself, and with limited or no html experience. If you do these 5 simple things, you will connect with more people online, get more followers, and you may even get recognized at your next tweet up, meet up, or conference. Read more

The Super Simple Sitemap Guideline

This Super Simple Sitemap Guideline for your website contains or links to everything you need to know about creating a sitemap for your website. Rest assured, it follows all protocols rules and regulations according to major search engines like Google. Save this guideline, share it with others, and re-visit it any time you need to create a sitemap for a website. Read more

Keep It Simple, Stupid! Content Guidelines for Websites

You are wasting your time writing content no one will read. As obvious as my advice sounds, people continue to stuff web pages with text. There’s this fear that we might leave something out someone needs. And using big words makes us look intelligent, right? Not so much. You will not impress your visitors with long paragraphs or big words. More often than not you will confuse and deter. Read more

What You Don’t Know About Bounce Rate

I have a confession to make.  As an SEO team lead, who’s been practicing for 3 years, it’s difficult to admit that I’ve been misinterpreting a metric. Although I don’t believe that any of the strategies I’ve recommended have been off-base or ill advised, I wish I would’ve had the insight I have now. That metric that I’ve misunderstood is bounce rate. Read more

Changing Your Domain Name Without Losing Your Rankings: A 12 Step Guide

I was inspired to write this article after a recent redesign and domain change for a client. For most site owners, a domain change can be a scary endeavor if the proper precautions aren’t taken. But if executed properly, a site can experience little to no change in rankings. Keep these steps in mind next time you’re considering a domain change. Read more

Tablets are NOT Mobile Devices, Dammit!

Many people think tablets are a part of the mobile family and, well, they’re wrong.  I keep seeing tablets mis-categorized in articles and tweets and posts and quite frankly I just can’t stand it anymore!  My fury on this topic has grown to the same level as when people say “I could care less” when they actually mean “I couldn’t care less.”  But that’s a whole other topic.  Let’s focus on why people are lead to make such a fatal flaw and how it’s affecting their digital strategy. Read more

9 SEO Tools on Chrome You May or May Not Want to Download

Chrome has some really great hidden gems for SEO. Although I haven’t come across one that does it all, each has valuable assets that can help audit sites.  I’ll review eight of the tools and give you the skinny on each.  So without further ado, let’s review the good, the bad, and the ugly of Chrome’s SEO tools. This is not an exhaustive list of the tools Chrome has to offer.  I tried to review the ones that were less popular based on the number of download in the web store. Read more

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