Moz Link Data

HUGE SEO NEWS: MySiteAuditor Now Pulling Link Data from Moz!!!

MySiteAuditor is now pulling key SEO data from Moz, the most reputable SEO software on the planet. This means two things: more SEO data, and more accurate SEO data. Since our launch in 2013 our members have asked how we collect our SEO audit report data, and now I’m proud to say that many of our link related checks come straight from Moz’s API. Read more

seo questionnaire

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Ultimate SEO Questionnaire

NEVER walk into a new SEO client’s kickoff meeting without The Ultimate SEO Questionnaire. This two page document includes every question you’ll need to ask your new SEO client before starting their SEO campaign. You can download a PDF or Word Document format so you can easily edit it online, or email it to your new client. Read more

SEO Slope

The Graph Every SEO MUST Show Their Clients

Every SEO professional dreads this seemingly unpreventable conversation. It’s about 3-4 months into your client’s SEO campaign, and deep down inside you can sense it coming. Then, the phone rings. It’s your client and they want to “talk”. They are worried, and overly anxious about the campaign’s progress. They’ve already forgotten everything you’ve told them about time and progress. They want results, and they want them today! Read more

SEO Content Strategy

SEO is 20% Technical and 80% Content Strategy

First of all, don’t get thrown off by this title. Just because I’m saying SEO is only 20% technical does NOT mean that technical SEO is not important. After all, SEO is a formula or recipe, and when one element or ingredient is removed the results are never as good. So, technical SEO is very important but it should never take more than 20% of your time when optimizing your website, blog post or landing page. Read more

What is SEO?

How to Clearly Explain SEO to Your Clients in 30 Seconds

Fact: The better you explain SEO, the more likely your prospective clients will sign with you. Humans don’t like overly complicated things. We love everything to be simple. So, the more clear and simple your explanation and views on SEO are, the more comfortable your prospective clients will feel about working with you. Read more

Top SEO Leaders

The Elite 8 SEO Leaders of 2014

I’d like to share with you who I think the most influential SEO people are in 2014. These are the people I follow and look to for the best advice in the SEO world. The commonality these people share is their expertise in the field, innovative ideas, and most importantly, their willingness to share their vast knowledge of SEO information. Read more

Web Pages versus Web Sites

Web Pages vs Websites: There’s a HUGE Difference!

Web pages and websites are not the same thing. They are very different. Some of you maybe thinking, “ya, we know”. But many of you aren’t. I constantly hear “web pages” and “websites” used interchangeably in this industry and it drives me so crazy that I decided to write an article about it. Not only is it wrong, but thinking this will severely hurt your SEO strategies. Read more

How to Sell SEO

7 Super Secrets of Selling SEO

This is my 11th year selling SEO, and my skills have evolved and gotten so much better each year. But, I’m only as good as my experience. So instead of waiting 11 years to get my level of experience, read my 7 Super Secrets of Selling SEO. These are the things I do every  day to make sure my prospects choose my team, and not my competitors. Read more

domain background check

How to Perform a Domain Name Background Check

You may want to investigate the history of a used domain before spending big bucks on it. Getting that “perfect” domain can cost thousands of dollars, so why wouldn’t you do some investigating before you make that kind of investment. You’d look under the hood before you bought a used car, right?  Then do the same thing for a used domain, especially if it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.  Otherwise you could be pouring thousands of dollars down the drain. Read more

Law of Proximity Web Design

7 Ways Your Website Breaks The Law of Proximity

Humans have an innate desire to want to group objects we see in the world together. This makes the information far easier to process and understand. Therefore, when website content is visually grouped for us, it becomes much easier to process and understand. The Law of Proximity (one of Gestalt Laws of Grouping) states that humans perceive objects that are closer together as related objects. The reasoning is that the human brain would rather process fewer sets of objects rather than a much larger number of individual objects. Therefore, abiding by the Law of Proximity on your website will allow your visitors to more easily process and understand your information. This will most certainly leads to a better user experience, more conversions, and more sales. Read more

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